Friday, October 29, 2010

Around the Park

It is that time of year to plant the flowers and flowers there will be!  Can’t wait to see the beds come alive with color.
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The golfers are out enjoying the fresh new grass on the front nine holes and soaking up some Arizona sunshine.  Say HI to Cheri, Phyllis, and Ruth when you see them.
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“The Girls” had a fun time at cards tonight.  Poor Marilyn had fallen and wound up with two black eyes so when she hosted card club at her house, we all showed up with blackened eyes to match hers.  Lots of laughs!!  We love you, Marilyn!
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Need a handyman for some odd jobs around the house?  Steve Endsley comes highly recommended and has done numerous jobs around the resort for many residents.  He can build a shed, install flooring, roofing, plumbing, drywall, irrigation, landscaping, property maintenance and more.  He can give you many strong references from folks for whom he has completed projects.
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Steve Endsley
Endsley Handyman Service
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