Sunday, October 03, 2010

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What a glorious day today!!  We had a nice surprise haboob (dust storm) and thunderstorm last night……..and some RAIN!!!!  We watched the clouds of dust pass over and then came the rain with a good helping of lightning and thunder.  It was very welcomed and cooled down our temps considerably.  Today is the first day since the merry month of May that the weatherman predicts no triple digits for the whole upcoming week!  October is always a welcomed relief to us summer residents.
The park had a very nice dinner Thursday to celebrate the end of the summer season and there were 106 people present.  No pictures for you though because I wasn’t present.  I had to make an emergency trip to Mexico due to a broken tooth.  Dang!  That’s one disadvantage of having a dentist in Mexico because it is a long 3 hour drive for an unexpected dental emergency.  It was no problem to get in, however, as the winter crowds aren’t there yet so I was able to get in right away.  I need a bunch of crowns anyway and have just been putting it off so rather than waste a trip, I had them get started.  I got two temporary crowns and one filling all done that same day.  Now I go back Wednesday for the next stage.  Do you have a good dentist south of the border??  If not, I can highly recommend Dr. Ramos.  Don and I have been going to his office for the last 4-5 years and have had lots of work done there.  He now has a brand new building and the place is spotlessly clean.  Here is his business card with contact information and directions to find the office on the back side.  Very easy to find.
scans 002 scans 003
Let’s see…………..what else is new??? 
More construction and new homes coming in.  Found two more holes ready and waiting by site 1322.  That whole street will be full of new village homes by the time you return.
blog 013 Landscaping chores never end.  Fernando spotted a dead Queen Palm up at the north pool so had someone remove it this morning.  My camera caught the live action.
blog 009


blog 011
Now that the full sprinkler system has been installed up at the front entrance, they started planting some bushes.  I’m told it is a work in progress so there is more to come in this area.
blog 001
The October “Happenings” newsletter is packed full of interesting information.  If you don’t have a copy, be sure to log on to the park website to read it. 
Click on the link above (be sure to add it to your favorites).  Click on “Monthly Newsletter” at the bottom of the Home Page and select the publication you would like to view.  The publications are in .pdf format for easy readability and printing of important pages or forms.    The various activity and event calendars are now on the website too so check back frequently for the latest updates. We will be talking about the park website at our upcoming computer club meetings as well.
This morning while out enjoying the weather, checking on housewatch places, and searching for newsy items for this blog, we came across Kay Downing and her dog Rosie.  Kay is back again this year to work at the front reception desk and help you get signed in.  Be sure to say Howdy to her and let her know you saw her “on the blog”. 
blog 015
Bill and Montez Beard (full-time RVers in site 947) have returned again for the season and had a fun birding story that was published in the August issue of Family Motor Coaching magazine. 
scans 001 Speaking of “birds”, I learned something new about all the doves here in the park.  We now have a third kind of dove called a Eurasian Dove.  I’ve seen several of them recently and they’re quite noticeable because of their white tail feathers so I researched them to learn more.  Like the White-Winged dove, they have a black ring on their neck.  The giveaway is their white tail feathers.  Keep your eyes peeled for them and you can impress your neighbors with your birding expertise at your next happy hour.
dove tail
look around
      That’s my news for today, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled for more happenings to report next time.  Have a great day and thanks for visiting “THE BLOG”.

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