Monday, February 27, 2012

Three One Act Plays

Congratulations to the cast and crew of the Palm Creek playhouse!  Very well done.
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Monday, February 20, 2012

Pottery Show

Time for the annual pottery sale.  This very apropos sign greeted us as we entered.  Gifted hands indeed!

I didn't take near enough photos to do the group justice.  Every table was filled with beautiful displays of their handiwork.
There were dishes, vases, characters, plates, cups, etc. of all sizes shapes and beautiful colors.  Even the small beading work for making lovely jewelry.

Very creative art pieces.

Again, it is immpressive to see how well everything is displayed.  There were some magnificent floral displays to brighten the room.  A lot of work goes into the set up of an affair like this.

I arrived at the show within the first opening hour and was really surprised to see all the empty tables already.  Items that were made available for sale were being scarfed up by eager shoppers. 

Here is Suzette Taylor with one of her handcrafted necklaces. 
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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Quilt Show

The annual quilt show ranks as one of the top events of the season.  One just can't describe the caring, skill, talent, and thoughtfulness that goes into these sewn masterpieces.  Yes, the ladies create quilts and other items for themselves, families, and friends but so much of their time and talent also goes to needy folks in the community AND around the world.  The first spot inside the door was a beautiful display of hand crafted articles to be donated to the area hospital and newborns.  The little knitted caps and sewn sleepers were just precious and one certainly couldn't find such lovely items in a store.
The next thing we saw was this huge table with over 150 items being raffled off.  You bought tickets at the door and then dropped them into the container by whichever item you wanted to try to win.  Beautiful stuff.

There were racks and displays of the beautiful quilts and blankets. 
Demonstrations of fancy sewing machines and techniques.

Look at the care and detail that went into some of the displays.  It takes a lot of extra work to add finishing touches like this. 

The sewing group created over 150 pillow cases, quilts and fleece blankets plus personal items to the local Against Abuse Shelter.

Little hand crafted dresses and shorts were donated to children in other parts of the world.

Look at the cute little feeties on this sleeper!
And then........the most impressive display of quilts given to our troops.
Congratulations and a hearty salute to all participants.  They can certainly be proud of their true LABOR OF LOVE.

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Bow Wow Dog Show

A common joke here is that when I get reborn, I want to come back as a pet at Palm Creek.  Yes, indeed we have some pampered and much loved pets here. 

We had a great turn out for the annual dog show on Friday morning.

After judging the best "tricks", we were treated to the agility course.  What fun to watch the action!  Congratulations to the dog owners who have spent so much loving time with their animals.
Some dogs were a little faster than others but strolled through the course with definite obedience looking forward to that kibble treat at the end.
Our famous park photographer was there as usual with cameras in hand.  Ray Valentine also entertained us with his great barking skills to attract the dog's attention so they would smile at the camera.
Play time is never over for this terrier who simply would not let go of his favorite toy.
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Cowboys & Indians -- Rodeo News

Fresh off the press from the Chamber of Commerce....more fun stuff to do.

Cowboy & Indian Days 2012

Cowboys and Indians have been part of Casa Grande for over 100 years. Come out and join us as we celebrate our rich heritage. From February 18th-26th Casa Grande will transform into a colorful festival full of Native American arts/crafts, rodeos, and much more! Don’t miss the parade in Downtown Casa Grande at 9 a.m. on February 18 and the All-Indian Rodeo featuring members of the Ak-Chin, Gila River, Salt River Pima, and Tohono O’odham Nations. All rodeo events at the Ed Hooper Rodeo Grounds on 2525 N. Pinal Ave.

The City of Casa Grande is proud to be one of the many sponsors of the Casa Grande Indian & Cowboy Days.

View the schedule of events.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Remote Control Cars

Take some time on a Wednesday afternoon around 1:30 to go out to the north area of the resort and watch the remote control cars on their big race track.  It's a hoot to watch them. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pickleball Tournament

Congratulations to EVERYONE that was involved with the Palm Creek Pickleball Tournament this past weekend!  As a casual observer, I not only enjoy watching the games but also notice all the behind the scenes action it takes to make an event like this so successful. 

It takes many many dedicated people to run an event like this....line judges, score keepers, medical staff, those serving refreshments, water coolers, clean up crews, cooks, servers, AND a blog writer.  Go to the pickleball blog to see the results.  (nice work, Rosemary Reese!)


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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Another Lucky Winner!

Congratulations to Lois Paul!!!!  She won the big jackpot at bingo Monday night and went home with a check for $900.  Awesome!!

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Catching Up

A couple people asked where I've been lately because I haven't posted for a few days.  Well....let's see.  Attended the Palm Creek Follies and was entertained by our local talents.
Spend a lot of time just riding around the resort to observe the pretty landscaping.  The trees in front of the main office are in full bloom and are absolutely beautiful.
The great blue heron rests regally by the pond awaiting a good meal.
Watching the lawn bowlers in action on a white suited tournament day.
Watched the AMAZING entertaining Diamonds last Wednesday night.  They had the whole audience jumping and jiving to our favorite tunes of the 50s and 60s.  If they return again, make sure you get tickets!

We especially enjoyed watching Nancy at the piano keyboard during their presentation.  Normally a piano player just takes a backseat but her share of the performance was great!  We had a chance to chat with her at breaktime.

A busload of us went to the Festival of the Arts show in Tubac on Friday.  Good thing we wore comfortable shoes in order to see ALL the many vendor booths, boutiques, shops, etc.  Many of our tour group came back with armloads of goodies.

I snuck away long enough to watch the Meshika Indians demonstrating some of their ancestial dances.
Those who have attended in past years were impressed with the large number of vendor booths lining the streets.
We enjoyed the surrounding scenery on the ride as well. 
In my spare time at home, I've been mesmerized by watching some live web cams.  My big monitor watches a hummingbird nest where two young have just hatched and a barn owl who is watching over her four eggs.  You can tune in and watch also at:
Meanwhile, the action outdoors never stops.  Looks like we had a little mishap with one of the mowers over on the 13th fairway.  Thank you to Darryl Stephison who sent in this photo.  It's Fernando to the rescue again.  I'm guessing one of the crew got some wet feet and a red face.  :) 
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