Friday, February 03, 2012

Busy Season

Hello again.  I'm just going to post a bunch of photos and quick notes for the remainder of the season because there's just too much fun stuff to do.  No time for long stories or explanations. 

The computer repair business is booming.  Here is Don and son Kevin busy at work on four machines at once.  While they run a virus scan or do a defrag on one, they can take a look at another.  To them it is like kids in a toy shop.  They love it. 

One computer was making a loud humming noise as it ran. Kevin suspected something wrong with the cooling fan so turned the machine over and sure enough.......look at the dust and dirt that blocked the vents.  As soon as we cleaned out the vents with some compressed air and a small brush, the computer was happy and ran quietly once again.  Check your laptop now and then to make sure the vents are clear.

As I was walking through the main office, I noticed the busy puzzle people in the library.  That's Pat Schurr standing at the left.  Pat has donated mega hours to our library with her staff of volunteers.  Thank you to one and all for your help.
I finally found a morning when I could get back over to the horseshoe pits.  I certainly don't score many points but really enjoy pitching shoes with this gang.  They're all there to have a good social time and are very gracious when they get stuck with a rookie player like me.  Here our fearless leader was showing us the neat trophies that will be given out at the upcoming Cancer Awareness tournament.  The trophies were handcrafted by John Schaley.  What a clever and creative way to use his woodshop skills! 

Later I stopped by the new sewing room to watch other crafters in action.  Everyone looks so busy up there but the room also hums with friendly chatter and laughter.  Those sewing machines have become very sophisticated these days......way beyond my skills.

Just across the street in the Sales Office is a display of the proposed new sports area.  I understand that construction is scheduled to start April 1.  It will be an exciting spot to watch this summer.  I'm sure my camera will be busy.
I believe February is our busiest month here at Palm Creek.  The incoming rigs were lined up in two lanes every time I walked up there the last couple days.  Our rangers and greeting staff were busy!  I still remember the first time Don and I drove our motorhome into the park.  We were so impressed with the beauty of the entrance and how friendly we were greeted by the hostess.  So impressed......that we never left!
My next stop was the new casita at Site 1396.  I peeked inside to see how the finishing work was coming along.  Certainly is some pretty flooring! 
What a nice bathroom! Nice big shower.
There is a separate little room for laundry.
The site is very very attractive!  Lots of nice landscaping, decorative pavers, and even green turf to set it off.  It sounds like there will be 4 or 5 casita models to choose from for anyone else who wants a lovely site improvement like this....but this site is truly a show case!
Next stop was over by the gardens as Thursday afternoons is when the garden club meets.  They were busy at work tilling some beds, doing some planting, and harvesting some of the fruits of their labor.  Members went home with some cabbage heads, brussel sprouts, different kinds of lettuce, and some other goodies.  Lillie Corbet is assisting Jim Dawson with overseeing the garden club this year.  Thank you, Lillie.
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