Saturday, February 04, 2012

Cancer Awareness Weekend

Cancer Awareness weekend is one of the busiest of the whole season as many of the clubs and organizations hold special fund raising tournaments for this most worthy cause.  Volunteers emerge from everywhere to help out with the fun and rewarding events.  There were scores of people setting up the thousands of luminaries along the entrance and parade route.

Many laughed (especially Sandy and Chip) about me taking a picture of their better side. 
There were many many lovely items at the silent auction tables but these two really caught my eye.  I hope I can find out who won the bids on these two so I can go visit their site and drool with envy.  (I have a hunch that Jim Dawson had a lot to do with these two donations!)
Our Grand Marshal and Cancer Survivor (Marilyn Roemer) lead the parade with Nathan Vickroy from Chick-Fil-A restaurant.  Nathan has been most generous with his financial support and advertising for our activities events.  AND.....we certainly enjoyed those free breakfasts during early season.  Thank you, Nathan.
We finally got a chance to meet Mrs. Jim Dawson!  Thank you for sharing your husband's talents with us!
My little pocket camera simply cannot do justice to the lovely nightime photos of the palm trees and thousands of luminary bags.  Hopefully someone with more photo talent will step forward with better shots.
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