Monday, February 13, 2012

Catching Up

A couple people asked where I've been lately because I haven't posted for a few days.  Well....let's see.  Attended the Palm Creek Follies and was entertained by our local talents.
Spend a lot of time just riding around the resort to observe the pretty landscaping.  The trees in front of the main office are in full bloom and are absolutely beautiful.
The great blue heron rests regally by the pond awaiting a good meal.
Watching the lawn bowlers in action on a white suited tournament day.
Watched the AMAZING entertaining Diamonds last Wednesday night.  They had the whole audience jumping and jiving to our favorite tunes of the 50s and 60s.  If they return again, make sure you get tickets!

We especially enjoyed watching Nancy at the piano keyboard during their presentation.  Normally a piano player just takes a backseat but her share of the performance was great!  We had a chance to chat with her at breaktime.

A busload of us went to the Festival of the Arts show in Tubac on Friday.  Good thing we wore comfortable shoes in order to see ALL the many vendor booths, boutiques, shops, etc.  Many of our tour group came back with armloads of goodies.

I snuck away long enough to watch the Meshika Indians demonstrating some of their ancestial dances.
Those who have attended in past years were impressed with the large number of vendor booths lining the streets.
We enjoyed the surrounding scenery on the ride as well. 
In my spare time at home, I've been mesmerized by watching some live web cams.  My big monitor watches a hummingbird nest where two young have just hatched and a barn owl who is watching over her four eggs.  You can tune in and watch also at:
Meanwhile, the action outdoors never stops.  Looks like we had a little mishap with one of the mowers over on the 13th fairway.  Thank you to Darryl Stephison who sent in this photo.  It's Fernando to the rescue again.  I'm guessing one of the crew got some wet feet and a red face.  :) 
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