Saturday, July 23, 2016

Ice Cream

With our hot hot HOT weather upon us, an invitation to ice cream sundaes was impossible to pass up.

MaryAnn enrolls staff "volunteers" to help with summer events.

Look at Christin's cute haircut.  

Nancy Paupst from the sales dept snuck in the backdoor to get her treat.

You might see some new faces since the last event.  Barb and Glo are back again.

Yes....we did partake.

New stop signs are being installed at several intersections.  This should help control the speeders so speed bumps don't become a reality.

It's always nice to welcome newcomers!  We met Paul and Cher Ragains who are new residents at Site 2016.  Be sure to say hello when you pass by.

Still no storms for Casa Grande although Phoenix has had some dandy micro bursts.  We just continue with hot temps.

I believe we're at 24 days over 110 already.

The sky is already red hot at daybreak.

Photo from Avis Gray
New houses continue to pop up.  Here's a new color that just arrived on Granite at Site 1935.

Our landscape crew works diligently all day long to maintain the resort.  Here's Faustino with a leaf blower cleaning the streets and between houses after the palms are trimmed.

Lots of debris to clean up and haul off to our recycling area.


For our golfing enthusiasts:


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sky,Weeds, and Games

No sign of rain again.  Just some light dust passing through.  Light dust here but I wouldn't want to be driving out on Highway 10 during this.

It makes for some golden glowing sunsets though.

Today we were back under clear HOT sky.  I salute all the workers who are out there in the heat and direct sun.  There are contractors here now with all kinds of weed spraying equipment.  It's another never ending chore to keep our park beautiful.

Our great blue heron visits the ponds daily for some fresh sushi.

We still spend our afternoons in the Adobe Room at various card tables.  We send a special thank you to Bonnie Koons for devoting time to teach us to play Mahjong.  Today was my first lesson.  We'll see how long Bonnie can put up with us.  It's a whole new language of bams, dots, cracks, chows, kongs, etc.  Our GM, Kevin Flynn, stopped by to say hello.  

This group was winning pennies at Pokeno.  Lots of friendship and camaraderie.  

Awwww..............say hello to little Rubie.  We met her while she and owner Gene were out for a walk this morning.  I'm betting Ruby is a lot more work than Annie was but Gene enjoys the challenge.


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Bingo & Construction

Work continues on the sewer system along Sandy Desert Drive.

Construction equipment is all lined up and ready to go for installing more houses.

Shimmering Sand Lane will look different when you return.

I'm waiting to chat with Fernando as to why these trees have been ripped out.  They appear to be torn out rather than sawed off.  

Here's another one in similar condition.

Phoenix had a big storm last night and all our weather alarms rang on our cell phones.  A wall of dust passed through our area but no rain and no damage anywhere.  

Photo by Suzette Taylor
 We enjoyed a summer bingo game last night but only had 10 attendees.  I tried to spice up the event by adding several "speed bingo" games with additional prizes.  Several folks won packages of cookies or new markers for marking their cards.

Chip Milner loved his Chips Ahoy!

I'm not sure if Mike Kirsch was indicating his $3.00 win or that he won 3 games.  Either way....he's right!

Flo Fillipi may not be heading up the program anymore but her heart is still in the bingo world as she attends every game she can.

Special thanks to Sandy Milner for heading up the bingo games.  There is quite a bit of work behind the scenes.  Always a cash box to maintain and reports to write up for the state bingo association.  Plus for our summer games she has to pop the popcorn and that's really important!

We played several games during the blackout session.  Players got a prize for the first diagonal, first vertical bingo, first horizontal bingo, first postage stamp, and first 4-corners.  The final blackout paid a grand total of $36.  We all seemed to have a good time but due to lack of attendance, this was our last bingo game of the summer.  

As we drove down Granite this morning, I commented that this is one of the very last vacant spots along the golf course.

 It was perfect timing to take a picture of the empty hole as less than a minute later, the house came rolling down the street.  

 It's always fun to watch the drivers expertly back in to these tight spots.  

How about another cactus blossom?  This yellow beauty was at Sonny and Ann Stinson's house at 1932.  Very nice!  

Our weather report remains calm.  Anything below 110 is a relief.