Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dish, Dust, and a DANDY!

Spotted a couple Dish trucks parked along Cole Circle so decided to investigate.

Yahoo!  They're working on setting up the fiber optic connections for us.  I'm sure the screen tent was a necessity for our afternoon intense sunshine.

Thanks guys.  Keep working!  We're anxious for results.

Later that afternoon my cell phone was dinging as Avis Gray sent photos of another approaching dust storm.  Her backyard provides a great view as the clouds roll across that open field by the pickleball courts.

Just a typical monsoon dust storm.  They live a short life (thank goodness).  

Our upcoming weather report looks quite pleasant without anything over 110. 

And now for the grand daddy of photos!  
Lillie Corbitt found this critter (these critterS) in one of the maintenance offices.

If you're squeamish about bugs,.......don't look below.
If you're fascinated with nature..............scroll down for a seldom seen photo.

Mama Scorpion protectively carries her babies on her back till they're old enough to fend for themselves.  I looked up some info on the web:

Arizona bark scorpions have a gestation period of several months, are born live, and are gently guided onto their mother's back. The female usually gives birth to anywhere from 25 to 35 young. These remain with their mother until their first molt, which can be up to 3 weeks after birth. Arizona bark scorpions may live up to 6 years.
The bark scorpion is particularly well adapted to the desert: layers of fat on its exoskeleton make it resistant to water loss. Nevertheless, bark scorpions hide during the heat of the day, typically under rocks, wood piles, or tree bark. Bark scorpions do not burrow, and are commonly found in homes, requiring only 1/16 of an inch for entry.
The popularity of irrigated lawns, and other systems which increase environmental humidity in residential areas, has led to a massive increase in the number of these animals in some areas.

Bark scorpions, like most other scorpions, are incredibly resilient. During US nuclear testing, scorpions, along with cockroaches and lizards, were found near ground zero with no recorded adverse effects.  Bark scorpions can easily find a crack or crevice to invade a home, as they can fit through any space thicker than a credit card. Glue boards are a good way to trap scorpions in the home. The best place to stick a glue board is along walls near points of entry to the home, such as doors or windows.

Basic first aid measures can be used to help remediate scorpion stings:
  • Clean sting site with soap and water
  • Apply a cool compress (cool cloth)
  • Take acetaminophen or ibuprofen for local pain and swelling
Since the amount of venom a scorpion injects varies, Arizona poison control centers suggest immediate medical attention only in the event of extreme pain or stings involving weaker individuals.

Here is a photo of a house we watch and they keep gluepads by each door.  I bet they're glad they did this summer!

Monday, August 29, 2016

New house, palm tree, airfield

Can't help but notice these long branches on the palm tree along Coyote Trail.

I made Don stop for a close up as I find the Arizona landscaping to be amazing.

Here's a great close up of just one small cluster on the branch.  Certainly isn't anything I grew up with in Wisconsin or Ohio.

The new house at the end of Oasis is in place already.  Looks like it will just be a single wide structure since its on such a small lot.

It will have a nice view facing the golf course.

The new airfield has been laid out.

Let the fly-in fun begin.

I wanted a close up view of the black material.  Looks like a mesh or light screen type stuff and it is meticulously nailed and stapled into the ground to keep it in place.  I'm sure this landing surface will help protect the RC planes.  

Looks like another new Champion home has arrived.  Still waiting to get inside one of them for a closer look.  Won't be long now.


Sunday, August 28, 2016

Card Bingo and Doggie Dive-In

We had 39 players at card bingo last night.  It's a very simple game but seems to draw a happy crowd.  Some of us have spiced up our table a bit by placing side bets as well.

Connie Morin was the big dollar winner this night.

Thank you to Avis Gray for being the caller.

 I like the panorama setting on my cell phone camera for capturing a photo of an entire room.  Technology continues to be amazing. 

Sandy Morin sent me this reminder of the upcoming Doggie Dive-In event that will be held September 17 inside Carr McNatt Park here in Casa Grande.  Great opportunity to let the dogs enjoy a big pool.


August 23, 2016
Kayla Fulmer
Public Information Officer
(520) 421-8627 
Join the Community Services Department for the 9th Annual Doggie Dive-In Event
CASA GRANDE, AZ - Calling all dog owners! Get your swimsuit ready for you and your favorite four legged friend and join the Community Services Department for the 9th Annual Doggie Dive-In!
Held on Saturday, September 17 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., this annual event is open to all dogs and humans alike. The event will take place at Palm Island Family Aquatic Park, located at 1115 N. Brown Ave inside of Carr McNatt Park. While only the dogs will be allowed in the water, all are encouraged to come out and soak up some rays and take in the sights of this unique event.  Admission is $2.00 per dog and humans are free.
Contests for the day include the best doggie bathing suit and the best dressed family (this one includes humans!).  The event and prizes are sponsored by the City's Community Services Department.  There will also be vendors on-site selling merchandise and pet related items and services.
For more information about this event, or to reserve a vendor space, please call Jeff State at (520) 421-8677 ext. 4550.   

Sandy and Donna Cox have attended several times in the past and really have a great time with their furry friends.  Call Sandy at site 1295 if you have questions regarding the event or location. 


Saturday, August 27, 2016

Airfield and luncheon

There's been activity out at the remote control airplane field recently.  Looks like they're rolling out the magic carpet for the planes to have a nice air strip.

The ballfield looks sad and forgotten during summer but it won't be long before it's vibrant green and active again.

The sails over the activity pool are being adjusted.  We hear controversy among residents about the sails but there are definitely two sides to the story.  Some don't want the sails but others definitely appreciate being able to stay out of the direct sun while swimming.  It's impossible to please everyone but we do have three pools to choose from so life is still good.

That new Champion home should be ready for viewing soon.  I'm anxious to get inside to see the new features.

We had a nice luncheon party in the ballroom this week.  It included a variety of sub sandwiches from Jimmy Johns, coleslaw, chips, and even cherry pie with ice cream.  

Donna Cox has put her painting skills to work and created a backyard fairy garden masterpiece from a recycled old waterfall.  Good work, Donna!  That's a recycle gold star!


Have you ever been accused of being forgetful or getting old??