Tuesday, August 16, 2016


All the bushes and shrubs around the resort are getting their annual summer trim.  Had to pause at the tall thick oleanders up by the north gate.  It seems just yesterday that they were freshly planted.  

I scrolled through old photos until I found this one showing these same plants on September 16 of 2013.  They are certainly some FAST growing bushes.  They're very sturdy also as the crew just hacks away with a power trimmer or chain saw.  They make great desert plants.

Found this cute yellow cactus flower this morning.

Always amazes me how such a lovely soft flower can grow out of a tough green cactus like that.

Met up with Paul, Lucy, and Peanut as they were out for a walk this morning.

Jaime was working at the north pool.

Looks like this corner lot is big enough for a 28 x 21 ft "garage" next to the house.  

Uh Oh..........found another house where the batteries went dead in the thermostat.  It read 78 degrees when we entered this morning so we knew something was wrong immediately when we entered the door.  Don replaced the batteries and set it back to 90.  Always remember to change the batteries when you leave for summer.  Cooling to 78 degrees when its 110 outside will really pump up your electric bill.....all for $1 worth of batteries.

The new restaurant and/or bar called the Thirsty Donkey is announcing their opening via their Facebook page.  We'll be sure to check it out for you.