Friday, August 19, 2016

More Maintenance Chores

Contractors and landscape crews work constantly around here.  You can almost always see Clint on a lawn mower.

The yards along Cole Circle have had a recent trimming.  The trees and shrubs have really grown a lot this past year so their new "haircut" looks nice.

Marcos and Faustino were hard at work replacing sod in the dog runs to keep the grass fresh and green for the Palm Creek pups.

APS is changing out some of the electrical boxes......or something.  Don tried to explain it to me but I'll just summarize and say "they're fixing things".  It meant that our block was without power for a few minutes today.

I think this is about the last empty lot along the golf course.  It won't be empty long as I see them digging today.

We happened to be near the north gate to watch another house entering.

It's going in over here at site 1959.

Congratulations to Kevin and Kathy Root.  Your new house has arrived.
John Blount has been on duty to watch every one of the new homes arrive.  


My Favorite!!!