Saturday, August 27, 2016

Airfield and luncheon

There's been activity out at the remote control airplane field recently.  Looks like they're rolling out the magic carpet for the planes to have a nice air strip.

The ballfield looks sad and forgotten during summer but it won't be long before it's vibrant green and active again.

The sails over the activity pool are being adjusted.  We hear controversy among residents about the sails but there are definitely two sides to the story.  Some don't want the sails but others definitely appreciate being able to stay out of the direct sun while swimming.  It's impossible to please everyone but we do have three pools to choose from so life is still good.

That new Champion home should be ready for viewing soon.  I'm anxious to get inside to see the new features.

We had a nice luncheon party in the ballroom this week.  It included a variety of sub sandwiches from Jimmy Johns, coleslaw, chips, and even cherry pie with ice cream.  

Donna Cox has put her painting skills to work and created a backyard fairy garden masterpiece from a recycled old waterfall.  Good work, Donna!  That's a recycle gold star!


Have you ever been accused of being forgetful or getting old??