Friday, August 05, 2016

Quails and a pizza party

How cute!!!  Mom and Dad Quail had their brood of youngsters out for a jog on the lawn bowling green.  The little tykes aren't even as high as Mom's leg.  They're so tiny that they hardly show up in the photo.  Couldn't get any closer though or they would all scatter.  We counted 11 but they're hard to count when they scoot along so fast.

Here's an older family while out on our rounds this morning.  We had to stop till they all ran across the road.

The Pizza Man was here yesterday.  We had "all you can eat" yummy made fresh pizza with a multitude of toppings.

This is the same chef that will come back later this season to serve us those delicious omelets again.

These social gatherings are a great place to mingle and meet new friends.

 It was only 82 this morning but our humidity is still high as aftermath of our recent storms.  Bob says the mosquitoes are out in droves since the recent rains.
Bob Daniels (Ranger Bob)

Sam Cox
I'm guessing Bob and Sam did just fine out on the golf course.  :)

 Hopefully the upcoming higher temps will burn up the humidity.  


·        My goal for 2016 was to lose just 10 pounds. Only 15 to go.
·        I just did a week's worth of cardio after walking into a spider web.
·        I don't mean to brag but...I finished my 14-day diet in three hours and 20 minutes.
·        I love being over 70. I learn something new every day...and forget five others.
 ·         I think I'll just put an "Out of Order" sticker on my forehead and call it a day.