Monday, August 29, 2016

New house, palm tree, airfield

Can't help but notice these long branches on the palm tree along Coyote Trail.

I made Don stop for a close up as I find the Arizona landscaping to be amazing.

Here's a great close up of just one small cluster on the branch.  Certainly isn't anything I grew up with in Wisconsin or Ohio.

The new house at the end of Oasis is in place already.  Looks like it will just be a single wide structure since its on such a small lot.

It will have a nice view facing the golf course.

The new airfield has been laid out.

Let the fly-in fun begin.

I wanted a close up view of the black material.  Looks like a mesh or light screen type stuff and it is meticulously nailed and stapled into the ground to keep it in place.  I'm sure this landing surface will help protect the RC planes.  

Looks like another new Champion home has arrived.  Still waiting to get inside one of them for a closer look.  Won't be long now.