Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thirsty Donkey Opens!

The new bar and sports grill called the Thirsty Donkey did a soft opening tonight so, of course, we gathered up a gang and headed over to check it out.  It was a blast!  Soooo much fun.

Congratulations to Justin and Wensda Serfass who are the owners.

The whole back wall of the bar is set up for self serve special brews.  You can go to their Facebook page to get the details of how the system works.

You pick up a sampler glass and walk down the line to sample a bit of any kind that sounds interesting.  Just scan your card.  After you pour your drink, the screen changes and tells you how much you poured and how much is left on your 40 ounce allotment.  

It was certainly fun to try a lot of flavors of micro brews.  Once you picked your favorite, you could go over to the freezer and pick out a nice ice cold glass and fill up with your choice.

All the staff members were super friendly and eager to please.....and give us instructions on how to run the taps.  They even taught me how to do a selfie with the cute donkey statue on the bar.

It worked better when someone else took the picture though.

Palm Creek had a good sized crew for opening night.

This was strictly a soft opening so audience was limited to about 50 people for training purposes.  We even got a 25% discount for volunteering as guinea pigs.  Fun!

Justin gave Glo Mason her private lesson on the tap.

Food was great too.  The specialty is Philly Cheesesteak so that's what most of us ordered.


Paul asked for a small order of chicken wings.

Linda said she could tell we were in a new restaurant because she was given a clean virgin bottle of catsup.  

Our drink ticket at the end of the evening showed exactly what we had poured.

It was a FUN FUN experience and we shall definitely be going back again soon.