Saturday, August 06, 2016

Phoenix Mart News

Phoenix Mart might actually be moving some dirt.  Will have to drive out there one of these days to see for myself.  City still hasn't started running sewer, water, or electric out that way though.

I copied the information below from Phoenix Mart Facebook page.

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Harder Mechanical has already completed over 15% of the underground plumbing installation while Canyon State Electric has completed over 35% of the below slab electrical. PhoenixMart is very pleased with both companies’ performance and commitment to exceeding our accelerated construction timeline.

Harder Mechanical is currently laying over 25,000 feet of pipe which covers the underground plumbing requirements of the building.

Canyon State Electric Co. has commenced the process of installing the conduit in the trenches that are being dug for the 1,480,265 feet / 280 miles of wire that will be distributed underneath the slab of the building.