Monday, January 25, 2016

Welcome Back Fiesta

This year's welcome back fiesta was a great time for clubs to showcase their activities and invite newcomers to their groups.  The weather fully cooperated so we had plenty of sunshine and clear sky to highlight the day.

Over 1200 meals were served.  Always be sure to get your tickets early as food is purchased several days in advance of an event.  

You can bet that Barb Poole was there.  Hope she didn't overheat that camera.  

A friendly mariachi band traveled throughout the crowd.

The highlight of the day was a show by a dance group that featured traditional Mexican music.

Costumes were BEAUTIFUL.  This first dance was performed with a glass candle holder placed on their heads.  I imagine for evening performances, the candles would be lit.

I couldn't choose which of my photos to post so you get to see a lot of them.  

Short Video

Their junior students stole our hearts.

It was a GREAT day!!

Fireman's Spaghetti Dinner

We will always be among the first to sign up for tickets to the annual Fireman's spaghetti dinner because we want to pay homage to the people who help and save lives of our residents.  We've many times seen the big fire truck and ambulance enter the park in time of need so this is a small way of saying thank you for their service.  
The Chief certainly looked sharp in his full dress uniform!

This photo by Barb Poole

Our professional fire fighters cooked and served over 325 meals to a sell out crowd last Friday.

There were quite a few young high school students and recent grads who completed their fire course classes during the school year as members of a CAVIT program.  When they graduate, they will be fully qualified for a career as a fireman and/or EMT.  Wonderful program!  As a retired teacher, I believe our schools need more of this type of educational program.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Tennis, Sewing, and Softball Events

We're certainly enjoying our 70+ degree weather and beautiful sunshine!  So much fun stuff to do every day.

You must get out to the softball field on Tuesdays and Thursdays to watch our Palm Creek games.  It's so fun to cheer for friends out there on the field.  

Harry always has a smile and he gets a gold star for the final 'at bat' when he brought in the winning runs to end the game.  Way to go, Harry.

The tennis club had great fun today at their Red Neck tournament where they played with three players to a side.  After the games, their volunteers served up a delicious soup meal at their happy hour.

There was a great turnout today.  The tennis club is growing so they wistfully looked at the new courts still under construction.  They'll be VERY happy when the new courts are ready for play.

The folks on the front bench had a special treat when a praying mantis stopped in to share the excitement.

The sewing room was busy for the "Quilt-till-you-Wilt" event.  Mary Williams was kind enough to send these photos with her message:

We had a good time in the sewing room tonight at our event called "Quilt Till U Wilt.  We started at 4pm and worked till we were tired enough to go home .

There were about 45 ladies who gathered ....some sewing, some "turning", some pressing.  With that team work, in a little over 2 hours, we made over 100 receiving blankets.  These will be donated, along with a coordinating "onesie", to the Banner Casa Grande Hospital.

Of course all that labor worked up an appetite so the pizzas rapidly disappeared.

Needless to say with all this beautiful weather, the pickleball courts were ALL occupied when I stopped by and the day ended with a very entertaining concert -- "Tribute to Neil Diamond".  

Monday, January 18, 2016

Silver Sliders

What FUN it was to watch our ladies softball tournament this past weekend.  I even enjoyed watching their practice session.

I don't know many of the players since they are from surrounding areas but I could definitely cheer for Lori Scott as she is one of our local "Creekers".   Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of Della Bass.

I could never hope to throw a ball as far as these gals can........especially that big softball.

The new pool is still under construction but this day I saw them adding nice decorative grass between the food court and the pool.

We had the most BEAUTIFUL sunset Saturday night!  I was glad that Barb Poole was out with her camera to catch the scene.

Photo by Barb Poole

I watched our Silver Sliders in their tournament game.  Yes!  They won!!

Bill Sheedy is happy to be in the "almost done" crows nest where he can announce the games and oversee the action.