Monday, January 25, 2016

Welcome Back Fiesta

This year's welcome back fiesta was a great time for clubs to showcase their activities and invite newcomers to their groups.  The weather fully cooperated so we had plenty of sunshine and clear sky to highlight the day.

Over 1200 meals were served.  Always be sure to get your tickets early as food is purchased several days in advance of an event.  

You can bet that Barb Poole was there.  Hope she didn't overheat that camera.  

A friendly mariachi band traveled throughout the crowd.

The highlight of the day was a show by a dance group that featured traditional Mexican music.

Costumes were BEAUTIFUL.  This first dance was performed with a glass candle holder placed on their heads.  I imagine for evening performances, the candles would be lit.

I couldn't choose which of my photos to post so you get to see a lot of them.  

Short Video

Their junior students stole our hearts.

It was a GREAT day!!