Friday, January 15, 2016

Egret & Tennis news

Al Roussy sent this photo of a beautiful white egret as it scoped out our pond last week.  Thank you, Al.  


Because I live so close to the tennis courts, I like stopping by to watch their games and activities.  The tennis club is a very active group here and they work hard to keep their blog up to date too.  Thought I'd share their recent posting as it sounds like more fun.  Those newly resurfaced courts will be very much appreciated when complete.

From the tennis blog:

Posted: 14 Jan 2016 12:07 PM PST
It is not too early to begin to select those special items you plan to contribute to the Cancer Awareness Raffle that will be held at the  banquet after the Super Bowl Tournament on Saturday, February 6th.

If you would bring your items to Happy Hour on the 27th, we will happily collect them so that they will be ready for the auction.  We will even wrap.  So look around that park model, 5th wheel or motor home and find that special gift that you know a fellow tennis pal cannot resist.

Here is the whole deal for Wednesday, January 20.

Mixed Red Neck Tennis beginning at 2:00 pm
when the non serious mostly confusing part of the event will get underway 
Here are the rules:
There will be 6 players per court, 3 on each side.Each player serves one game
Play a total of 6 games. Palm Creek rules. No add.
Serving Team- The two players not serving may play anywhere  on their side of the net.
Receiving Team - One player will receive in the deuce court and another in the advantage court. The third player may play any where on their side of the net.  Players may change positions after each game.  After the six games are completed get new assignment
Music and Happy Hour beginning at 4:00 pm
       You may get "stuffed" at happy hour with the soups that several volunteers will be           providing. It is suggested that  bread, crackers, salads etc. would be good items for others to bring. BYOB (Bottle that is. Bowls and related items will be furnished.) Happy hour gets under way at 4:00 pm following the Mixed Red Neck Round Robin. 
       Entertaining us during the Happy Hour will be Lloyd and Joyce Woods 
       and friends with a "picking and grinning" session of old time country music.            If you don't participate in the tennis you still want to be there to hear these
       professional musicians.        
Sign up sheet is posted on the tennis bulletin board