Thursday, January 07, 2016

Crayons and Cocktails

We have a plethora of different clubs and activities here at our lovely Palm Creek.  The joy of living here is if you don't find something you want to do................just start another group!  That's precisely what Penny Young did with the new activity called "Crayons and Cocktails".  Penny has the hobby of working in "grown-up" coloring books and thought she would see if others were interested.  They are!

I attended the first meeting to see what it was all about.  WOW!!  While some of us were just beginners, there were some very advanced artists present.  I definitely call them artists!  Their work becomes very intricate as skills progress.

This style of drawing the tiny formations is called "Zentangle".  Google it and see for yourself how amazing it is.

It is a very friendly group.  They will be glad to share their materials and show their works of art.  While no husbands were present today, some said their husband also enjoyed the activity.

The group meets on Wednesday afternoons at 3:00.  

It seems that the historic El Nino is definitely affecting our normal sunny skies.  I spotted some very unusual cloud cover over our mountains that are usually basked in sunshine.  While I'm sure our desert appreciates the rain, we're ready for clear sky once again.  We'd better not complain though as at least we are not under the wrath of the Goliath storms hitting the rest of the country.

Smile! .....and have a great day!