Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I'm certain you've all seen this charming statue located along side Bill Wrightson's home at Site 1535. He originally bought this up at the Mesa flea market and has received a multitude of compliments from folks as they pass by.

Occasionally, a few sly friends like to decorate the display. This one is truly great! Check it out.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Good Morning Readers,'s 56 degrees this morning so I'm sitting inside for morning coffee until the sun gets up to warm us back to our normal 80+ temps. I actually slept with a blanket last night and turned off the ceiling fan. The cool temps feel great after our scorching summer....but I guess my blood is still thin.

Our winter visitors are returning in droves now so activity has certainly increased. My calendar is getting crowded with all the fun stuff being scheduled. Love it! I figured with so many people returning that the blog would become idle but when I checked in this morning, I found there were 380 hits this past week. Yipe. That means folks have been checking in and I'm not writing.

Attached is a copy of a flyer that came in our mailboxes this week. The front 9 is so pretty with the new green grass and the lawn bowling area is gorgeous. It always looks so fresh and immaculate with the way it gets mowed.

I had to laugh with our neighbor, Don Blair, this week. Carrie wanted a shepherd's hook in the yard so she could hang a hummingbird feeder. Ha!! Have you ever tried to dig a hole in this desert ground?? We loaned Don a foot long concrete drill bit for the project. It is no easy task!

And.....I've heard the saying several times already that if there is such a thing as reincarnation, it would be nice to come back as a pet at Palm Creek. We do love our little furry pets! Benny here is getting up in years and has a heart murmur so doesn't get around much on his own but certainly enjoys his daily stroller walk with Mom Lana.

Community rumor has it that the Room Store is going to open a location here in the old Wal-Mart building on Florence Blvd. Ashley Furniture has also recently opened a store here.

Asbestos Cancer
Asbestos Cancer

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Photos compliments of Bill Wrightson. Thanks, Bill!!!
Ah So Steak and Sushi restaurant has closed!! Sad news for those of us who loved their teppan menu and fun entertainment. It was also a nice place to stop for a cocktail or two before or/and after a movie. Bummer. The same company also owned the adjacent Berrygood frozen yogurt store so that closed as well. Hopefully, someone new will occupy those spaces soon. I'm quite surprised that they chose to close just as the season is beginning. Guess they had their reasons.
The Gym Bar and Grill on Florence Blvd is open and seems to be doing well so far. Don and I have tried it a couple do I say this....we're not the proper age for that place. Hard metal music and boisterous young people seem to inhabit the establishment.
Ruthie's bead store is doing some aggressive advertising via an email newsletter. She's hosting a big open house next weekend and is starting some cool classes with guest instructors, etc. etc. A group of us plan to attend some upcoming classes. I've had several gals asking if the park would start a beading group but this sounds like a better idea. Let's support Ruthie! She's a terrific lady and is dedicated to the art of beading.
The front nine of our golf course is turning it's gorgeous shade of velvety green. It's such a miracle to watch how it changes and grows daily. The work really seemed to go fast this year and we're hearing all sorts of good things about the new landscape guy....Jeff. I haven't met him yet, but we're looking forward to the fruits of his labor as he beautifies the resort for us this year.
Our residents are streaming in on a daily basis this month. I see more and more cars at the park model homes and the RVs are coming in too. We hear that reservations have really increased over last season so let's all hope the economy is regaining its health! See ya soon.

Saturday, October 03, 2009


Welcome to the beautiful month of October! The weather forecast calls for highs in the 80s this week.....not even 90s and especially not triple digits. Yahoo!! Do you notice a direct correlation between the beautiful outdoor weather and my sudden absence from updating the blog?? That's what happens as people start returning to the park, the weather calls us outdoors, happy hours start up and we greet returning friends.

I took a few pictures with my new cell phone. It comes in handy because it's so easy to carry with me all the time. All the crews are out feverishly working to get the resort looking its best before the snowbird migration. I took a nice long bike ride around the park this morning...Saturday morning....and it is definitely a busy work day for all the landscape and maintenance crews plus outside contractors. Here's a road crew patching the black top around the park.

Repainting all the striping on the roads.
The golf course is getting its annual deep haircut and reseeding. With such a dry summer, the dirt and dust is really thick during this process.

We don't live on the golf course though so we called friendly, hard working Mr. Maldonado to get our house washed after the summer dirt storms. What a difference!!! When he got done, it looked like a fresh new coat of paint. He washed all our patio furniture, grill, golf cart, car, and steam cleaned Don's big easy chair. We highly recommend his services.

I'm posting the sign from the side of his truck in case you're interested in calling him. He really gets busy this time of year so call ahead.

I rode my bike around the non-pet section this morning and was really surprised and amazed at the size of that new hotel going up. I've seen it from the road (Florence Blvd) but seeing it from the back made me realize how big of a unit it really is. I also didn't visualize how close it is to the wall. The folks who rent those sites are going to be quite surprised to come back and see a huge building on the other side of the wall. They'll be able to wave at the hotel guests on the upper floors.

How things have changed on the other side of that wall. This photo shows the LA Fitness center on he far right, the Sleepy 8 Motel, and now this huge motel..... not sure of its name yet.

That's my news for today. Must go back outside and find some fun thing to do instead of being indoors.