Sunday, October 11, 2009


Photos compliments of Bill Wrightson. Thanks, Bill!!!
Ah So Steak and Sushi restaurant has closed!! Sad news for those of us who loved their teppan menu and fun entertainment. It was also a nice place to stop for a cocktail or two before or/and after a movie. Bummer. The same company also owned the adjacent Berrygood frozen yogurt store so that closed as well. Hopefully, someone new will occupy those spaces soon. I'm quite surprised that they chose to close just as the season is beginning. Guess they had their reasons.
The Gym Bar and Grill on Florence Blvd is open and seems to be doing well so far. Don and I have tried it a couple do I say this....we're not the proper age for that place. Hard metal music and boisterous young people seem to inhabit the establishment.
Ruthie's bead store is doing some aggressive advertising via an email newsletter. She's hosting a big open house next weekend and is starting some cool classes with guest instructors, etc. etc. A group of us plan to attend some upcoming classes. I've had several gals asking if the park would start a beading group but this sounds like a better idea. Let's support Ruthie! She's a terrific lady and is dedicated to the art of beading.
The front nine of our golf course is turning it's gorgeous shade of velvety green. It's such a miracle to watch how it changes and grows daily. The work really seemed to go fast this year and we're hearing all sorts of good things about the new landscape guy....Jeff. I haven't met him yet, but we're looking forward to the fruits of his labor as he beautifies the resort for us this year.
Our residents are streaming in on a daily basis this month. I see more and more cars at the park model homes and the RVs are coming in too. We hear that reservations have really increased over last season so let's all hope the economy is regaining its health! See ya soon.

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