Saturday, October 03, 2009


Welcome to the beautiful month of October! The weather forecast calls for highs in the 80s this week.....not even 90s and especially not triple digits. Yahoo!! Do you notice a direct correlation between the beautiful outdoor weather and my sudden absence from updating the blog?? That's what happens as people start returning to the park, the weather calls us outdoors, happy hours start up and we greet returning friends.

I took a few pictures with my new cell phone. It comes in handy because it's so easy to carry with me all the time. All the crews are out feverishly working to get the resort looking its best before the snowbird migration. I took a nice long bike ride around the park this morning...Saturday morning....and it is definitely a busy work day for all the landscape and maintenance crews plus outside contractors. Here's a road crew patching the black top around the park.

Repainting all the striping on the roads.
The golf course is getting its annual deep haircut and reseeding. With such a dry summer, the dirt and dust is really thick during this process.

We don't live on the golf course though so we called friendly, hard working Mr. Maldonado to get our house washed after the summer dirt storms. What a difference!!! When he got done, it looked like a fresh new coat of paint. He washed all our patio furniture, grill, golf cart, car, and steam cleaned Don's big easy chair. We highly recommend his services.

I'm posting the sign from the side of his truck in case you're interested in calling him. He really gets busy this time of year so call ahead.

I rode my bike around the non-pet section this morning and was really surprised and amazed at the size of that new hotel going up. I've seen it from the road (Florence Blvd) but seeing it from the back made me realize how big of a unit it really is. I also didn't visualize how close it is to the wall. The folks who rent those sites are going to be quite surprised to come back and see a huge building on the other side of the wall. They'll be able to wave at the hotel guests on the upper floors.

How things have changed on the other side of that wall. This photo shows the LA Fitness center on he far right, the Sleepy 8 Motel, and now this huge motel..... not sure of its name yet.

That's my news for today. Must go back outside and find some fun thing to do instead of being indoors.

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