Saturday, December 20, 2008

Interesting Statistics

Hello everyone!

I haven't updated this site (obviously) in quite a while...mainly because everyone seems to be here now and I primarily keep the site up to date while you're all away during the summer. This morning, however, I logged on just to take a look at the counter and was totally surprised at the number of hits received every day....even now. I'm guessing perhaps some of you may be telling friends about the site and the audience is thus growing. At any rate, I now feel guilty for not posting in so long. I'll have to get back to the routine.

Thank you one and all for the positive feedback. It is such a pleasure to meet the "readers" and hear how pleased they are to see photos and news of Palm Creek. I've met some of you while I sell tickets at Bingo and more while just attending some special happy hours. Your kind comments keep me motivated.

Enjoy your holidays............I'll be back.