Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spring is in the Air

Another Bingo jackpot winner Monday night!  Congratulations to Jim Koch!

Spring is in the air!  April and October are our favorite months for Arizona weather.  The desert blooms are a far cry from the lilacs and daffodils from back east but we certainly enjoy them every year.

.....and Easter is just around the corner.  

A friend discovered a hummingbird nest in their tree.  It is attached to the top of a pinecone.  Stay tuned for more photos after the eggs hatch.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

End of Season Party

Wow!  We had a record crowd at the end of season party today!  1400 meal tickets were sold and there were many more people who came just to enjoy the music, laughter, and a beautiful day.  The place was packed.  

The band was an Eagles Tribute and they were fantastic.  They had the crowd on their feet dancing in every available open space.  

I'm trying to post a short YouTube video.  Hope it works!  Who says Seniors don't have fun.  Watch the dancers!

Congratulations to the staff for making it all come together.  Offices closed early this afternoon as it was "all hands on deck" for every staff member to assist with serving 1400 meals in a timely manner.  

Thank you to the entire staff for a GREAT fun-filled season!!
Lisa Herold seldom misses one of our big events.

The crowd surprised everyone though as beer and wine sold out in a hurry.  Staff was sent downtown to restock.

A very SPECIAL thank you goes to Marion Nelson for heading up this HUGE event.  By the end of the day, I'm sure she was ready for one of these bottles.  😎


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Add a Comment

I learned something new about blogging from the Geeks on Tour this week.  Now YOU can add a comment to my posts.  At the bottom of each entry, there is a link that may say "No Comments".  If you click on that, a box will open where you can type in a comment, question or response to the information I posted.  You can also read what others have to say.  

*NOTE:  I reserve the right to delete or block any advertising or negative comments.  I will read them and take note of a negative comment but it will then be deleted.  My blog is a HAPPY place full of good news and exciting events.

The Winners Are:

Monday night Bingo Jackpot winner was Bill Nagy.  Congratulations, Bill.

Wednesday night Texas Hold'em Tournament of Champions was Shirley Beck.  Congratulations Shirley!!!!!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

So much FUN!!!!

There's just no time for posting to the blog when there is so much FUN stuff going on around the park.  I'll just post a bunch of photos to show why I've been too busy to write and YOU are probably too busy to read until you get home anyway.

Must have lunch via the Bistro so we get some of the wonderful french fries served up by Robin and crew.

Many afternoons are spent playing cards or other games in the Adobe Room.  Gayle and Dale have a beautiful custom made Pegs and Jokers board....handpainted.  

Maybe we celebrate a birthday or two.....especially for Peggy Browne.

or Marilyn Roemer

Of course, Don and I enjoy going out to dinner.....especially when we get to use a gift certificate from a friend.

The shuffleboard courts are filled to capacity almost every day they play.

Many more Mahjong players than ever before.

I don't worry about Don being entertained.  He bought a new gizmo for his flight sim so has spent hours re-rigging the equipment.  What a mess.  (He loves it!)

The tennis club holds special pot luck and happy hour sessions.

Last week they were serenaded by Joyce Welch and her musical group.  Fun!!

Across the way was a busy dog park.  I enjoy watching the pups at play.

Then comes theater night with the big screen in palm park.  Bring a lawn chair and watch a movie.

Marion and crew will pop the popcorn!

Dog agility held an awesome event where owners put their pets through their paces on the agility track.  Congratulations to one and all for all the hard work and dedication.

Notice a full softball game happening in the background and I'm certain the pickleball courts were full all at the same time.  This place is BOOMING with activity!!

Saturday "the Geeks" were here and gave a class on using smartphones.  Everyone came away with new information.  We had a HUGE turnout and almost had to go looking for more tables and chairs.  I send a very sincere "THANK YOU" to the folks that came early to help set up.

Jim and Chris Guld are the "Geeks" who teach.  Their seminars are fun, informative, and well-worth the time.  We're so excited to get them to our park for a few days.

Today's Geek class was about how to create a blog to record your travels & adventures.  We had several folks there who maintain the blogs for some of our clubs and activities.

Of course, there's always time to celebrate at a happy hour.  The one down the street from us even had a live rock and roll band with tables and tables full of potluck foods.  Wow!

BIG Crowd!!

One of our hosts for the event:
Jacques and Pat Avery

Did I ever mention that I LOVE living here????