Saturday, July 30, 2016

Another Monsoon Storm

We were out at dinner last night at Francisco Grande when everyone's cell phone sounded the alarm for an approaching dust storm.  Time to hurry home!

We made it safe and sound.  Avis Gray grabbed her camera as the storm approached.  It was another HUGE wall of dust approaching from the east.  After the dust cleared, they could see emergency lights and sirens out on Highway 10.
Photo by Avis Gray

Photo by Avis Gray

Photo by Avis Gray

Photo by Avis Gray

The dust was still flying after dark.  This is the scene from my kitchen window.

Thick clouds of blowing dirt.  You can tell by the palm trees that it was a strong wind from the east.  The rain came later.  It never sprinkles just pours!  We had .30 of an inch in a short time.

Weekends are our time off from being out on rounds but we had to get up early again to check houses and look for any damage.  The most noticeable item was this big shaded pavillion by the north pool.

It was really shredded.

Some poor puppy dog lost his swimming pool as it landed up against the north gate.

Granite is full of sand again.  Hey Look.......beachfront property.

One of our new stop signs is slightly askew.

The nice shuffleboard sign came down but didn't shatter.

Here's another new stop on Coyote to create a 3-way stop by the north pool.

The storm didn't seem to bother the heron.  He's still fishing.

Bill Tooley and Mike Tomaso came off the course to chat with Don.  Mike lives on Granite and said the whole house shook when that big gust first started.

We met Glenda and her granddaughter Emily.  Emily was putting up new house numbers.

We told Emily she could probably get a job since she had a hammer in hand.

Denny Tellinghuisen was cruising the neighborhoods too.

Larry Gray had his assignments to check on.

We met up with Avis as she was out on rounds too.  The job of housewatcher can be quite demanding in storm season and in the heat.  I vote for no more storms on the weekend!  

Later in the day, Don and I went to the movies to see the new Jason Bourne movie.  I give it a B rating but the guys probably gave it an A.  Lots of violence and a terrific car chase.

Coming down Florence Blvd we came across a bunch of kids holding up car wash signs.  Needless to say, the car was full of mud from the last two storms so we stopped in to contribute to their cause.

There were about 40 people working.....mostly small kids.  It was so fun to sit in the car and watch the action.

These little tykes were working hard and fast.  They took their job very seriously.

Some were so little that all we saw was a small hand and a big sponge.

We were amazed how fast and efficiently they worked.  When we left, the car was truly spotless.  They did a great job.  (We were truly surprised.)

Tonight was card bingo up in the Adobe Room again.  There were 31 people present.

Avis was the caller tonight.

One more tidbit to share with you.
Sandy Morin wisely posted a notice on the Nextdoor website to remind summer residents about the Sonoran desert toads that appear during summer monsoon rains.  Don't let your pets play with the toads because they emit a strong toxin.

Yes, these toads have been seen inside the resort.  The pickleball players found a dried up petrified one out by the courts so proudly placed him on the wall as a mascot.

I just checked the radar at the weatherbug on my phone.  Hopefully that storm will stay south of us tonight.  No more storms on the weekend.  I want to sleep in!!

The 10-day forecast looks very unusual.  No triple digits????

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Monsoon Storm

We had a true desert monsoon storm last night.  Our anemometer  (wind speed measuring thingy on our roof) said we had gusts of 45 miles per hour.  I heard the wind start and then heard what I thought was rain hitting the metal patio roof and the kitchen windows.  Went outside to watch the "rain" but quickly discovered it wasn't rain............but lots of dirt!  It was like flying gravel.  It was too dark to take pictures but we could see actual clouds of dirt blowing in front of the street lights.  We obviously didn't stay outside for long because we didn't want to breath it in.  About 5 minutes later it finally turned to rain and we had a lovely hard fast .20 inch rainfall to wash away most of the dirt.  This morning's sky was beautiful (although photos never do it justice).

After morning rounds (which took a LONG time today) we only found one home with significant damage.

There were several wandering BBQ grills, missing sun screens, and tipped over plants but nothing too serious.  

Our streets show the aftermath of a windy night.  Lots of sand and dirt on Granite.

Oasis looks a little ragged too.

Whoops....almost forgot about the downed palm tree on the golf course.