Monday, July 25, 2016

Birthday Aftermath

More sewer maintenance at the north end of the resort too.  Looks like they're replacing another manhole.  

Here comes another new house!  We're anticipating at least 35 new houses this summer.

John Blount oversees the arrival of every house.  Palm Creek keeps him busy.

Yesterday I posted a story about the birthday luncheon we held at my favorite Chinese restaurant called Luckys.  I've had several people write and ask where it is located as they hadn't heard of it before.  It's located at 1350 E. Florence Blvd in the same shopping plaza as Office Max and is located at the far east end of that plaza.  It's just a small unobtrusive place but serves EXCELLENT food.  Here's a link to their website including the menu.

Back to the birthday aftermath.  I took my pretty balloon home and had it prominently displayed on the kitchen table.

Later that afternoon as Don and I just settled down for an afternoon nap, we heard a loud bang and some strange whirling noise.  Some how my balloon worked its way loose from the basket it was tied to and escaped into the ceiling fan.

Getting the balloon down was the easy part.

Getting the long string unwrapped from around the fan was the hard part.

It was up to Don to bring in the ladder and climb up to untangle the string.  My hero!

Later the same afternoon I was opening a fresh new package of Ritz crackers to have with soup when the package suddenly ripped open and crackers flew around the room.  Don to the rescue again by climbing under the table with vacuum cleaner in hand.

We had a some good laughs and enjoyed the day.  
Didn't we Don????

Want to discuss politics?

Thank you to all the readers who sent such friendly emails, text messages, cards, and phone calls.  You all made my day!  It was a very special birthday thanks to all of you.