Friday, July 01, 2016

Monsoon Season Arrives

Monsoon season has arrived.  We actually had two thunderstorms and almost a half inch of rain so far this week!  In fact, the sky is rumbling like a restless giant as I sit here in my air conditioned comfort typing this.  Come on rain!

Some of the burnt out areas in northern Arizona are continually in flood watch zones now because all the water runs off into the washes.  No problems around here though so if you hear scary things on the news about Phoenix, it's not for us.  We're safe and secure.

This is our rumbling sky today.  

Still no rain in the early morn but it should start any minute now by the sounds of the thunder.

Saw this movie yesterday.  It carries a very sobering and intense drama based on a true story of Civil War.   Matthew McConaughey did an outstanding job.  

The theater wasn't very crowded.