Saturday, July 21, 2018


How wonderful to wake this morning to the sound of rolling thunder and raindrops on the roof!  We really appreciate every drop of rain.  The sunrise was absolutely stunning but, of course, a cell phone camera just can't capture the beauty.

Rain only lasted about 20 minutes but at least it rained enough to wet down the streets for a change.

I would have loved to sit out on the patio with a cup of coffee, but couldn't find a dry chair.  LOL.  Our insurance company has been wonderful and we already have a check for partial payment but Mesa Awning says they can't be here until late August.  WE MISS OUR AWNING!!  The house suffers in the hot sun without the shade of the awning.  I imagine our electric bill will be significantly higher too.

It looks like a HOT week ahead.

Our volleyball players know how to cope with the heat.

So do the cats!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Mahjong on line

We can't let long distance get in the way of our weekly Mahjong games!  Don walked past and took a picture of us at play today.  We video conference so we can all see each other and then join a private table "on line" to play against each other.  Much fun!

We had our palm trees trimmed at the front of our house this week.  Now the poor hummingbird lost his favorite perch.  Had to laugh at his new roosting spot.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Security Seminar

We gathered in the ballroom to hear a presentation from the Casa Grande Police about security in our neighborhoods and city.

Thank you to Jeanine Sumption for organizing the event.

Officer Thomas Anderson from the Casa Grande Crime Prevention Unit was our guest speaker.
He was a VERY entertaining speaker and made us laugh as he described why seniors are targets for today's criminals.  

Officer Anderson stressed over and over about how we have to take responsibility for our own protection.  Lock our houses and pay attention to our surroundings.  Know our neighbors, watch out for each other, and report suspicious activity.

Our General Manager, Kevin Flynn, was present to assure us that steps are being taken to address security concerns in our resort.  He will be meeting with Jeanine next week to discuss some options.

Watch for Jeanine's feedback through the "whatsup" app or on Nextdoor.


I want to take a moment to give credit to one of our appliance vendors.  Thank you to Jeff from Jeff's Appliances.  He has rescued us on several occasions...most recently with our dishwasher.  He is prompt, courteous, and very reasonable with his rates.  


Just turned around and found Mouse patiently waiting for me to finish my computer work so we can play.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


I'd call our current weather a "drizzle" but at least it is some moisture for our arid desert.  We watched the news last night and saw that the town of Florence had flash floods with knee deep water in some streets.  Not here though.  Still just a drizzle for us.  LOL  It turns our dirt into mud and makes it a little harder to wash away.  It's a main source of entertainment to see what the weather brings us next.  A respite from the heat is very welcomed!!

Phoenix got a lot more than we did.

Avis Gray, Diane Reese and I braved the drizzle and went to the American Legion to play bingo last night.  Avis and Diane both got to yell "BINGO" but I shall just sulk and wait for another day.

Just a reminder about our hard caliche soil.  This landscaper has been chiseling away for two days with a jackhammer to cut a trench for water line.  


We lost our patio roof but the hummingbird feeder is still here to entertain the cats (and the finches).

Sunday, July 08, 2018

It's HOT

The sensor for our thermometer "used to be" under the shade of our patio.  Now it is in the direct sun until repairs can be made.  Here's the reading at 8:45 a.m. yesterday morning.  Need I say more?

Saturday, July 07, 2018

Neighborhood Watch

Thursday, July 12
10:00 am in the ballroom

Safety Officer Thomas Anderson from the Casa Grande Police Department will be here to review the value of a neighborhood watch program.  Officer Anderson has been here here in the past to review neighborhood safety.

Click on this link to review his last visit on February 22, 2016.  Scroll down the page to read the letter from Lisa Herold and read the info Officer Anderson left with us.


Friday, July 06, 2018

2018-2019 Event Ticket Information

The 2018-2019 Events are now posted on the Park's website.  Click on the link below.

Tickets go on sale July 24.


Mouse and Kat survived the storm just fine.  They came out from under the bed within the hour and their tails were finally back to normal.  Such excitement for all of us!

July 4 Celebration

I'm a little slow at getting this posted but I wanted to brag about the lovely July 4 celebration we held here on Wednesday.  I believe there were at least 150 people present.  The proud moment was when we all stood and quite loudly recited  the Pledge of Allegiance.  

Wonderful people, wonderful surroundings, wonderful nation.

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Found our Roof

Hey.  Our roof has been found.  It flew way over to the trash area and was still pretty much in one piece.  Sure am glad there wasn't anybody there when it landed!

Lost Our Roof!!

WOW!!!  We are currently experiencing our first haboob of the season and it is a dandy.  One huge gust came through and ripped off our patio roof.  We haven't even found where it landed yet!

Here it comes!

Dust was pretty thick.

Bang!  Patio roof is gone.

We found some of it in our neighbor's driveway but the huge metal sheet is gone.  We drove all over and haven't found it yet.

As soon as the wind died down to a semi-reasonable speed (25 mph), Don and I jumped in the golf cart and toured over half the park searching for damage.  Looks like we were the only ones affected.  We saw plenty of tipped over potted plants but everything else appears to be fine.  There's still too much wind and dust out there to breathe safely so we'll be back out there when it's safe.

Just saw this on TV.

I was just complaining that I didn't have any exciting news to post on the blog.  Whoops.  Mother Nature must have heard me.