Saturday, September 11, 2021

Works in Progress

 Wil is done with his portion of the construction for a while.  Now the park and some of the pickleball folks take over.

Still working on palm tree trimming.

That big chopper saves hours of labor and hauling.

Don sent the drone up over the steakhouse again today.  They're really moving quite fast.


If we leave a cupboard door open even for an instant, our very athletic Kat will find a way in.

Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Update again

 We stopped to say Good Morning to Wil and Demian this morning .  We decided we're tired of the hot weather.  It's September with a full 10 day forecast over 100 degrees.  Mornings are livable in the upper 70s or low 80s but by 10:00 it is already hot.  

I don't envy anyone who has to be out in the heat working all day.

Then we came across some of our landscaping people.  All those oleander trees are getting another trim.  It must just seem never ending.

That whole north wall seems to go on forever.

My afternoons are spent in the cool house with Kat to keep me company.

Kat is never very far away.

I guess we shouldn't complain about our hot weather as it is a lot better than it was last year where the thermometer stayed over 110.  This isn't quite as bad.

Now I can have a cup of coffee in my new coffee cup!  I ordered one from Anton's website.

Saturday, September 04, 2021


Will was at it fast and furious all by himself.

The roof might not be made of tin....but you can bet it's hot!
Stay safeup there Will

What happens to all the landscaping waste that our crews trim from trees and shrubs?
It all gets dumped at the far wall by the main dumpsters.  As soon as the pile accumulates, one of our men use this shovel to pick up the waste and dump it into this container.  Later a truck comes and hauls it away to a local recycler.

It's a tedious task to keep this area clean.


As you may recall, a couple months ago I posted a picture of these two soft cushy pet beds we purchased at Pet Smart for the intended use of our two cats.

Well............I'm now looking for a new home for both UNUSED beds.  It appears that our boys "Kat and Mouse" would rather sleep on OUR beds or on a pile of fresh laundry than in these plush expensive beds.  They measure 22 inches across so will be great for a cat or small dog.  They're FREE to the first person/s to email me.

I also have this really nice carry/storage bag purchased from the craft sale last season.  I never found a good use for it. is not a carry case for the cats. They're just curious of anything new I put on the floor as they must explore.  The bag measures about 22 inches long, 10 inches across, and stands about 11 inches high when folded up.  Very well constructed.  Free to the first person to email me.

Thursday, September 02, 2021

Drone over steakhouse & model homes & pavilion

 There was LOTS of activity up on the north end of the park this morning as our crews were pulling all the new furniture and accessories to place inside the SEVEN new model homes.  A film crew will be arriving in the next week or so to video the new homes and make a marketing presentation.  Time to work fast and get it all done.

The furniture and fixtures have been stored in the two large containers.  Now it's time to move all of it out and put it in the homes.

The process can be seen better from the air so we sent up the drone.
We toured over the steakhouse and the new pavilion as well.


 The big anticipated storm completely missed us.  Phoenix received some heavy rain but we just had a light sprinkle.

Here are progress photos from Wednesday.

True sample of teamwork:


Awww.....another nice cactus is down.

Skinny little root system for such a heavy plant.

T'is the year of cactus failures.

New houses keep coming in.  Will try to get some number information from sales.

I found this photo on Nextdoor posted by Linda Rainer.  
Poor kitty is looking for company and comfort.

Photo by Linda Rainer

Mouse has all the comfort he needs.

I close today with a couple of "Cat Dad" sketches.