Monday, December 18, 2017


Received this message from Gary Lambert this morning:

On Thursday, December 21st, there will be a scheduled power outage at the main office complex while APS relocates some primary power feeds related to the Ballroom Project. This will affect Building A (Admin building), the classroom buildings B&C, the Ballroom (building D), the exercise and laundry rooms at the main complex, the Food trailer (Sports Grill will be open, but will have no Till and no ability to run credit cards), and the new Pro Shop. The scheduled time for this outage is 8AM until 12PM (noon). Power elsewhere in the Resort should not be affected.

The significance of this to the residents is that all of our TV & network equipment is in this area, which means that for the duration of this outage, there will be no Resort TV or internet anywhere in the resort (Including the office internet system which is separate from the Dish system). The office will be open, but we will have no computers or phones (including the Gatehouse phone) during this time (or lights for that matter). Please plan accordingly. It will also affect clubs that meet in the SanTan/Sonora/Adobe/Stained Glass/Pottery/Silversmith/Lapidary rooms. Stained Glass and Pottery… Please note this for your kiln usage (no power to the Kilns during this time period). Classrooms outside of this area should not be affected except that there will be no TV or WiFi available. If you are unsure about your club status, please contact Activities.

Once power is restored, we will re-establish the TV and internet systems as quickly as possible. Some of you with WiFi routers may need to restart your router to get your home WiFi systems up and running.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but it is a necessary step towards the completion of the Ballroom. Thank you for your patience in this matter.


Gary Lambert
Operations Manager


Saturday was the monthly patio sale day.  I always enjoy the event mostly because its an opportunity to drive around the resort and chat with all the folks that are out and about.  As I was leaving the house, Don's parting words were "We don't need any more stuff."  Silly guy.  Those words completely escaped my memory as soon as I arrived at Sharon Costa's house.  

Sharon is such a creative crafter.  Look at all the cute stuff she's been designing.  It takes an artistic imagination to do so many things with a pickleball or a stone.

George and Sharon Costa


When our son, Anton, is here, he joys watching the fish when they're on a feeding frenzy.  He got some great photos yesterday.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Sewing Room Opens Today!

We were quietly playing cards in an adjacent room when we heard a huge roar of applause coming from the room where at least 100+ ladies were packed in to attend their weekly sewing meeting.

Being an inquisitive reporter, I rushed over to hear about their good news.  It had just been announced that their long awaited sewing room would be open that afternoon.

It wasn't long after that meeting that activity began in the beloved sewing room.

I swear that our sewing guild is a true sisterhood of devoted women who love to sew and create items for family, loved ones, and especially for needy folks in the community.

Their group has a multitude of specialties from quilting, sewing, needle work, special projects, and they conduct many classes throughout the season.

While the sewers and quilters are busy in their area, some of the rest of us enjoy some quiet (or not so quiet) games in the card room.  It seems to be open game time in the Adobe room every afternoon.

Mexican Train Dominoes

Hand and Foot 

Pony tail canasta

Pegs & Jokers
 Our group of Pegs & Jokers players took time to celebrate Avis Gray's birthday.

Happy Birthday, Avis.


Kat & Mouse Tails

I'm simply awe struck by the GREAT gift I received from a friend yesterday.  Check out this masterpiece!!

What a fantastic gift!!!  I will carry it everywhere!!
I believe Karen must watch the blog to know about the cats.
Thank you Karen!!!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

North 40

Maverick took to the sky again this morning to take a look at all the progress out over the north 40.  There are many trucks and a lot of equipment at work out there.

Wow.  There is already a new house out there.  

We took a quick peek inside the ballroom and could see that the flooring is getting ready for installation.

Looks like a HUGE project!

Becky Andrews tried to share her excitement and enthusiasm for art and painting by sponsoring a small "sip and paint" party for some friends.  We each started with a blank canvas.

Then the fun began.

Ta we're all official artists!

Thank you, Becky.  That was fun and certainly a memorable experience.  Nancy Polley says if there's another time, she's bringing an extra bottle of wine.


Kat and Mouse Tails:

It takes longer to brush teeth or wash hands now because we have to wait for little Kat to get a fresh drink of water.

Monday, December 11, 2017

CBS Sports

The gold medal matches from our pickleball national tournament will be aired on CBS Sports.  I copied the announcement from the Pickleball Blog.

CBS Sports Network Coverage of the 2017 USAPA National Championships
  The new air date for this 2-hr. broadcast has been confirmed for:
Saturday, December 23
We are excited about the opportunity to showcase 2 hours of some of the very best pickleball action to a national audience.

To check viewing options for the CBS Sports Network, please click the CBS Sports Network Channel Finder and enter your zip code. 

Mahjong Christmas Happy Hour:
Mahjong players (both National and Western) are invited to a Christmas Happy Hour on Friday, December 15 at 11:30 in Sonora SOUTH game room.  Bring a small hor'dourve to share and your favorite beverage.  Plates, napkins, etc. will be provided.  Mahjong games to follow at 12:30.
Remember to check on the blogs and websites of our various clubs and organizations here at Palm Creek.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Yummy Breakfast

Yes.....Santa and his elves were at work again Friday morning as they whipped up a delicious breakfast meal for us!

We had heavenly light fluffy pancakes filled with lots of yummy blueberries, a whole pile of bacon, and a delectable skewer of fresh several fruit juices to choose from....and, of course, hot fresh coffee.

Congratulations to Robin Perry and Marion Nelson for AGAIN managing a delightful meal from that tiny mobile kitchen.  

Marty and Yenifer assured we had plenty to eat.


I like to spotlight some of our local vendors when they've done outstanding work for us.  We needed some additional outdoor lighting so we could see the grill area at night now that it gets dark so early.  Hubbard Electric is a local contractor and does a great job.
Tell him the Heplers sent you.  😀


Our two adopted felines look so innocent and lovable. 

But when Don settles into his easy chair and covers with an afghan for a nice cozy nap, they seem to think it's time to wrestle.  I laugh every time!

No chance of sleeping till the rumble is over.  😉

So how is our training program going?? 
We have spray bottles in all the crucial places around the house.  Surely that will deter the furry critters from climbing where they don't belong.

Mouse insists that he is NOT ON the kitchen table because he is careful to use a place mat.  The spray bottle doesn't seem to bother him if no one is holding it.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017


As the season gets busier and busier, my time at the computer dwindles.  I'll try for a couple times a week but I can't guarantee a daily posting anymore.

Ramp to the sewing room.

 Should soon be ready for occupancy.

New houses arriving.

Pro Shop is getting stocked.  Will (hopefully) be ready for Monday opening.

Lots of nice merchandise for you to choose from.

Nice paved patio behind the pro shop. 

So much underground work to get things connected.

Our wonderful housekeeping staff.
Carol, Lupe, Maria, Chellea

Starting to pave some of the streets at the north 40.

Beautiful day for the Lawn Bowlers to be out.

Works of art on display in the Glass Shop.

Thank you to Gym Flader for his devoted hours.

Construction continues around the ballroom.

New stage.


Kat & Mouse Tails:

All remains as usual.  
Mouse continues to tear apart any sheets of paper he can find.

Kat insists on helping to fold the laundry so it takes me at least twice as long.

I guess I might as well give up any thoughts of making jewelry as all those little pieces of chain and beads are way too tempting for kitten paws.

Sometimes things are peaceful though.