Sunday, June 17, 2018

It rained!!!!

 June 16 -- one day before monsoon season officially starts and we had rain for the first time in over 100 days.  It was funny to listen to the meteorologists get excited about "potential" rainfall headed our way.  Yes, we can say it rained here but it wasn't even a measurable amount in our rain gauge.

There was a promising cloudy sky for the first time in months.

Today we are back to our normal clear brilliant blue sky.

It is a gorgeous morning at a cool 74 degrees with a light breeze.  Love it!!

The palm trees have had a very healthy year as evidenced by their thick foliage and heavy blossoms.  I'll be glad when the landscape crew gets to our trees for trimming as all those flower petals come down like white snow.  We call it Arizona snow.

I don't have a strong telescopic lens for my cell phone camera but all the little black dots you see amid the blossoms are bees.  Every tree is loaded with them.  You can actually hear them buzzing under each tree.

While we had our "rain storm" yesterday, I saw a dove flapping around in the street.  At first I thought it was injured but further observation proves he was just taking a shower and enjoying the cooling rain.

Watch the dove in this little video.  He was loving it.  LOL

Every Saturday night, folks gather in the Adobe room for an evening of card bingo.  There were 42 players who showed up last night.  They waved to say hello.

Thank you to Avis Gray for hosting Saturday night bingo and helping to keep us summer folks entertained.

That's all the news for today.  Looks like a beautiful week ahead.
We'll definitely be enjoying morning coffee out on the patio!  Early morning Pickleball players and golfers will have perfect weather.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

One Year Ago -- June 2017

Just for fun while enjoying this morning's coffee, I looked back on the blog to June of last year.  It is incredible to see how much has been done here at Palm Creek in that year's time!  

A huge ballroom expansion.

A new pro shop.

A Bistro expansion.

......and a HUGE new neighborhood development!

Hats off to Sun Communities and the entire staff that made all this possible in just one year's time.

We've had a lovely spring so far this year.  Here is a weather report from June of last year when all this work was being completed.  It was a HOT record breaking summer.  They worked day after day through 110+ heat.

On a lighter note.........our little Mouse is celebrating his one year anniversary of adoption.  He weighed 1 1/4 pounds when we brought him home.



Take some time to browse through old postings.  The entire history of the blog (all 12 years) is available by clicking in the "Archive" listing on the right side of the main page:

Friday, June 15, 2018

Movie Night & Ice Cream

It was HOT already at 5:03 in the morning yesterday!  Too warm to have coffee out on the patio.  Monsoon season officially starts June 17.  It will be interesting to see what Mother Nature brings us this summer.

Movie night in the Santan Room brought out quite a few residents. 

Most of us were there for the ice cream treat before the movie.  They even had Ashley's husband there to assist with Sundae preparation.

Folks were having fun even while waiting in line.


Be prepared for a shocker!!

A mama scorpion tried crawling under a door to get in a house when she still had babies clutching to her back.  She not only got stuck on a glue pad but so did a myriad of her babies.  Glad the whole crew didn't get past the guard.  Yikes!!


Kat and Mouse love the challenge to get a treat....especially if they're on the other side of the door.

Watch how Kat managed to get the last treat that was just out of reach for Mouse.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Free Movie Day from Amazing Dental

Amazing Dental has done a FANTASTIC job of sponsoring events here at Palm Creek.  Thank you to Andrea for her continuing loyalty to our residents.

On July 2, Andrea is leasing the Harkins Theater for a private showing!!  Follow the instructions on the attached flyer and you can vote for the movie of your choice.

Vote by June 21 and pick up your free ticket by June 29.  Let's fill the theater with Creekers!

As a bird watcher, I am proud to have captured the three varieties of doves that reside here in the park.  Getting all three in the same photo is awesome!

 Also discovered a very colorful new plant this past week.  It's called "sea lavender".  Check it out in front of 1943 on Granite.  Very pretty.

We never know where little Kat will decide to take a nap.  I think when he wants to be undisturbed he seeks out high places where Mouse can't find him.

Mouse loves to play with a plastic ball containing a jingle bell so it makes lots of noise when he rolls it around the room.  He recently discovered that the ball makes even more noise when he takes it in the bathtub.  I've learned to hunt and pick up all the jingle balls before bedtime.

Watch him at play.

Thursday, June 07, 2018

This Week

Palm trees (all 2700+) are getting a trim during the next several weeks.

Not a pleasant task!  The trees with flowers blossoming are loaded with bees and bugs and pollen.  What an adventure!

The clean up  process must seem never ending as load after load is hauled over to the dumpster area where it gets piled up, then loaded into the garbage truck and hauled to the landfill.  

Andrea with Amazing Dental sponsored a coffee and donut session for us this week.  Always fun to get together with the summer residents.

There's a funny story about the ceramic piggy banks.  Andrea's assistant was asked to get little table trinkets for the Cinco de Mayo celebration here.  She inadvertently ordered these piggy banks thinking they would fit the bill.  Whoops.  Now Andrea has over 70 excess piggy banks.

She held a cute raffle prize today.  This is the cute piggy I originally won.....until a competitor won "taking rights".

I wound up with the plain pink piggy bank without the cute painted flowers.....but it came with $25 for Olive Garden so I am NOT complaining.  Thank you to Andrea for ANOTHER nice event.

  Amazing Dental will be back next month with another huge surprise for us summer residents.  Wait for the announcement in a couple days.

Ron St. Pierre has been an avid RC flyer here and is now very active with the Casa Grande group.  They had a nice press release this week.

Casa Grande RC Flyers presented to the students of the Palo Verde "Drone - Summer Of STEM" program

Ron St. Pierre flew a drone and a 3-D fixed wing aircraft for the students.

Readers ask me:  "So what's new with your cats?"

Well.........they seem to be mellowing down from their wild kitten antics.  Kat curls up under Don's computer station.  The two of them spend endless hours there during the day.

Kat is curled up under all the cords snuggled in where its nice and warm.

I found Mouse just sprawled across the living room floor where he's cooling down.

I like having cats!!

Ours are well trained and very studious.  
They've learned their lessons well.

Friday, June 01, 2018

Maverick flies again

Up Up and Away............another look over the north 40.

Movie Night on Thursday, June 14th
The park is sponsoring movie night on the 14th. Landline is the movie with a start time of 6:30pm. Is there any interest in combining the ice cream social scheduled on the 21st (only two folks have signed up) with movie night? Movie is free; ice cream is optional for $4.00. To figure out how many folks would be attending, there would need to be a sign-up sheet at Guest Services to indicate how many sundaes to plan for.


Pickle ball players due to the heat starting Friday June 1 play will begin at 6:30 am. See you on the courts.

Vee Quiva Casino Trip June 11th
Are you going to Vee Quiva with us on the 11th? Have you signed up and purchased your transportation ticket at Guest Services? We have 32 folks going and 29 paid. So if you would like to go or still need to pay, stop by Guest Services today. I will be finalizing the roster for Vee Quiva on Monday. Thanks!
Mahjong still meets Monday and Wednesday afternoons.....and occasionally on Thursday night if players contact us first to assure enough tables.
Open GamesEvery Wednesday afternoon at 12:30. Lately we keep playing a FUN game called "Swoop".

Thursday, May 31, 2018

North Gate Announcement

The following message was printed and placed in mailboxes today:

Effective immediately, the ‘Out’ side of the North Gate will be available 24 hours a day. If you approach the gate from the inside, the gate will automatically open and allow departures, and close as soon as the vehicle departs. Anyone wishing to re-enter the Resort outside of North Gate hours will have to use the main gate.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Memorial Day

After a moment of silence and prayer to honor those who sacrificed for our freedom, we enjoyed a wonderful potluck luncheon today.  Actually, it was our regular Tapas Tuesday affair except it was celebrated today in honor of the occasion.

Barb Poole set up tables and was anticipating about 40-50 people.  To avoid any last minute surprises, she set up for 80 people just in case.  Aha!!  We wound up setting at least three additional tables as over 100 residents attended!!  

Needless to say, the event was a great success......and the potluck portion was delicious!!

Looks like the month of June will definitely bring the triple digits but we'll still be able to enjoy the lovely cooler mornings.  Pickleball now starts at 6:30 a.m. to beat the heat.

Came across this "cute" baby finch waiting for his Mom to come feed him.
He certainly looks fragile.

The local Casa Grande Dispatch announced that the Promenade Mall has been sold to a company based out of New Jersey.  Let's hope they can pull in more business ventures.  

Photo from Casa Grande Dispatch

CASA GRANDE — The Promenade at Casa Grande has a new owner.
Lamar Companies, a New Jersey-based proprietor of shopping malls, purchased the 125-acre shopping center on May 17. 
According to the company, the “open-air town center provides a vibrant destination for shopping, dining and entertainment.”
“Promenade at Casa Grande is the dominant shopping center in the market, and we look forward to implementing our business plan to further improve the tenant mix and occupancy of the asset,” said Frank Maresca, vice president of Lamar Companies. “This particular deal fits very well with our investment strategy, which is focused on acquiring undervalued retail assets with both immediate and long-term growth potential.”