Thursday, March 15, 2018

Quilters and Sewers Luau Luncheon

I'm always complimenting the "sisterhood" of members in the Quilting and Sewing group.  Today their president, June Griepp, invited me to their monthly luncheon and surprise fashion show.

June Griepp

Table decorations and leis abound.

Yummy food catered from The Big House.

Next on the agenda was a fashion show narrated by two special ladies.

Special designs, hats, and accessories were custom made and modeled by the Hottest Hatters in Hawaii.

It was certainly a colorful event.  Many laughed till we cried.
What a FUN afternoon.

Wonder Woman Tournament

Thank you to Barb Poole and Gloria Mason for their hard work at conducting the Tuesday night women's Texas Hold'em poker games.

They came up with some creative ideas for fun evenings at the poker tables.  Tuesday night was the end of season "Wonder Woman" tournament where the winner got to don the golden crown and go home with a pocket full of cash.

First place went to Carol Wall, second was Nancy Flader, third is Lea Young

A group of men were recruited to be dealers for the night.  All were dressed in dress shirts, sleeve garters, green visors, and bow ties.  Aren't they a handsome lot!

Intense competition.

Thursday, March 08, 2018


The tennis club is really an active social group.  They raised almost $3000 for the cancer weekend.

Photo submitted by President, Glenn Carter

The Casa Grande RC club is welcoming visitors to their big show this weekend.  All of the equipment from our airfield was donated to this new group.

Here's a typical early morning for me.  Online newspaper, fresh hot coffee, and a furry cat to keep me company.

OMG!  Don ordered a 24 oz. prime rib at the Black Angus this week.  I think he was a carnivore in his earlier life.

Yes.....he ate the whole thing including the baked potato and a salad.

Have you stopped by the ponds lately?  The koi and catfish are definitely growing.

Sunday, March 04, 2018

Hot Air Balloon Rides & QOV

John Ross wants to send a BIG thank you to all the volunteers who helped with the balloon glow.

My sincere thanks to the incredibly generous folks in our park that participated in our Cancer Awareness Center Balloon Glow earlier this month.  Thanks to their participation, we tethered 68 people that Friday night and flew four the next day.  More than $2000 was generated by these folks.

I also wanted to correct a misperception about my ballooning here at Palm Creek. I fully intend to continue the seven year tradition of bringing in my friends to create the balloon glow to kick off our weekend.  I am just closing down my ride business this summer but will continue to fly family and friends.  We hope to continue to be winter residents of Palm Creek for years to come.

Finally, a huge thanks to all of the residents who volunteered to help crew the balloons.  Without you, it does not happen.


Elana and Jack Riggins with Maureen Edwards being presented with a Quilt of Valor.  Jack served his country from 1955-1961. He was a medic in the Navy and was stationed in Virginia; tank driver in the Army stationed in Washington; and a medic in the Marine Corps stationed in Virginia.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Perfect Weather for Maverick to fly

Sky view from the drone.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Quilts of Valor

Our Palm Creek devoted sisterhood of quilters and sewers have been hard at work.
This week they paid tribute to more of our veterans by donating beautiful Quilts of Valor.

Bob Nale and his wife, Sharon with Maureen Edwards as he received his Quilt of Valor(QOV).  Bob was the winner of the QOV raffle at the Palm Creek Quilt show.  Bob served in the Army as a cook from 1967-1970.  He was stationed in Korea.

Bob Nigg and his wife Sue with Maureen Edwards receiving a QOV.  Bob was in the Army from 1959-62. He was stationed in Germany and served as an Artillery Tourette mechanic in the 83rd.
(Also pictured is Diane Gough  who made the quilt.)

Dave Stevens with his wife Darlene and Maureen Edwards as he is presented with a QOV.  Dave was a radar advisor in the Air Force and was stationed in Korea.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Bistro is OPEN

We're so happy to have the new Bistro here with indoor seating.  Very nice!  I copied the menu to post here.  

The line at the register would go a lot faster if people would make up their mind before they get in line.  😃  I felt sorry for the poor gals at the register as they had to ask every customer the same questions and then wait will they mulled over their options (and sometimes changed their mind 2-3 times.)  I'm NOT complaining.....just laughing and commenting on what I observed.

If you order a salad:

  • What kind of salad?  
  • What kind of dressing?
  • Want to make it a combo?
  • What flavor of chips do you want?
  • What do you want to drink?
If you order a sandwich:
  • Choice of bread
  • Select a deli meat
  • Cheese?
  • Lettuce, tomato, red onions, pickles??
  • Condiments:  Mustard, mayo, aioli, horseradish sauce
  • Want to make it a combo?
  • Again....what flavor of beverage?
  • What kind of chips?
  • Want a side salad?
  • Then what kind of dressing?
In other words...........plan ahead so when you get to the head of the line, you've made up your mind.


Don and I curled up for an afternoon siesta.  I had a nice warm furry blanket.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Quilt Show & Woodworking Show

Today many of our Palm Creek crafters and artists displayed their talents!

Woodworking Show

I thought this was quite clever!

From the Quilting Show:

Quilts of Valor for our Veterans

Dolores was there to provide piano music.

So much of their work is truly a "labor of love".

While out on a bike ride to enjoy the beautiful weather this afternoon, I spotted this cute display.  Looks like the flamingos were busy while they were here.