Tuesday, August 28, 2018

We have a roof!!

Hallelujah!!!!  We have a patio roof again.  Thank you to Tim and Donnie from Mesa Awning.  It took them exactly 5 hours from start to finish including painting and repairing.  Awesome work team.  Tim has been with the company for 20 years!

A gila woodpecker has discovered our hummingbird feeder but he has a hard time getting to the openings on our bee guard.

Saturday, August 25, 2018


I've been meaning to get over to the woodshop to get some pictures of the new dust collector but didn't get there yet.  I took the easy street though and copied these two photos from the Palm Creek Facebook page.

Had a great time at the American Legion Bingo hall last night.  Yahoo!!!

They had a good turn out of over 50 people so the jackpots were a little bigger.

These little acorn woodpeckers join us at the Adobe Room windows almost every afternoon.  They tap tap tap on the windows to say hello.

When not at the Adobe Room, I'm home playing Mahjong on line with friends. 
Kat keeps me company.

 Mouse is too big to crawl under the bathroom door now but there is still no privacy.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Windy night and a pool surprise!

We endured another dusty and windy haboob last night.  Remember how we were so surprised last month when a small STRONG gust of wind took off our awning but didn't damage anyone else?  Well.....last night proved the same kind of isolated winds.

Just when Fernando thought that huge outside brick wall was ready to fill with concrete, the wind did a number of damages.  

Strong wind gusts actually blew down the block wall in a couple places.

Other than the usual tipped over potted plants, we didn't see damage anywhere else around the park.

It is a busy morning for our crews as today they're replacing a leaking valve on our main water line.  We are without water from 8 till noon today.  The part being replaced is over on the corner of Mountain Mirage and Cole Circle.

Fernando Luna

 These two gents are wizards when it comes to digging with the backhoe.

Earlier this week, I posted a picture of the new building and said I didn't see much action.  Wow.  Was I ever wrong.  The area is all smoothed out and it looks like pavers will be placed all over in that area.

AND.......the swimming pool is well under way!!

We already have furniture for the future patio area.

Including a hot tub.

Little baby oleanders have been planted all along the outside wall.

We're going to need a bigger landscaping crew!

It's interesting to watch how well the new palm trees are doing.  When first planted, they just had brown stems tied in a bundle but now that the trees are getting established they are sprouting out nice fresh green fronds.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Alert Alert................our park wide water will have to be shut off Thursday morning from 8 till about noon while a big repair is made to the main water line.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  


We were at Lucky's for dinner tonight when every cell phone in the restaurant announced a dust storm warning.  Our friend, Manson, had just washed his car this afternoon so he could drive us to dinner.  We laughed when we came out of the restaurant as his car looked like he hadn't washed it in a week.  Lots of dust and just enough spots of rain to really make a mess of his clean car.  Ya gotta love the desert to live here in the summer.  LOL

How does this look for a boring weather forecast?

Progress continues on construction over in the new north 40.  The new dog parks are being finished.  More bricks and pavers on the way.

Piles of gravel all over waiting to be spread out on new sites.

New houses are popping up all over out there.  We picked up this map from the sales office this morning.  Red circles indicate SOLD, blue indicates spec homes, and yellow shows where the models are located.

Don't see a lot of activity at the new center or pool yet.

The crop duster was busy as a buzzing bee again this morning.

Don and I went about our usual morning chores as we toured around the park.

Repairing irrigation lines.

Refilling water buckets for houses and RVs.

Sweeping down the spider webs before entering houses.

Every now and then we have to stop to enjoy the wildlife.

When we're finally home after morning chores, we have our furry friends to entertain us.

It's a hot quiet summer here.


Next week will be the date of my father's birthday so I find myself thinking of him quite a bit with fond memories.  He had several crazy sayings but I saw these pillows while going through houses this morning and immediately smiled.  

When he had no use for something, he would say it was as useless as a screen door on a submarine OR as useless as buttons on a pillow.  Wouldn't he laugh if he saw that buttons now tend to be a fashion statement.  If he was still on earth with us, I would buy him one for his birthday.