Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Weather Stories

Our area meteorologists are busy recording new high temperatures again.  I felt sorry for the UPS delivery man yesterday when I saw him go by with a big wet towel wrapped over his head and shoulders as he tried to cool off between deliveries.  

You have to be tough to live and WORK in Arizona's heat.  Our landscapers and construction crews just keep at it day after day.  Just read another story in the Casa Grande paper about a 13 year old boy in Coolidge that collapsed and died from heat exhaustion as he and his brother were walking to a friend's house.  Here are the current temperatures from the 10:00 news last night.  It finally cooled down.  LOL

Can't complain too much about the heat though as I've received emails from some of you readers telling about the HAIL storms you've experienced.  Look at this picture from Fred and Deb Wyss in South Dakota!!


I had to laugh when I tried to put up the new Neighborhood Watch decal in our front window.  Kat and Mouse were very curious.  I had to put the decal way up high and out of reach as they managed to pull it down twice already.  Those of us enrolled in the program can pick up their decal at the front desk.

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