Wednesday, February 25, 2009

HouseWatch Information

Don and I decided to do housewatch services for Palm Creek residents this summer. We've watched over houses for friends in the past but this year we decided to branch out and do this on a larger scale. It will give us something constructive to do together during the hot summer months and has already proved worthy just because of the new people we've met. Here are the services we offer:


PLAN A: $20 per month. Includes once monthly inspection inside and out. Flush toilets, run water to be certain all traps are clear and contain water. Dump and refill buckets if you request. Be certain air conditioning is working as required. Change air filters if requested. Will email results to you monthly. PLUS: Additional outside inspection after every major storm.

PLAN B: $30 per month. Includes two monthly inspections inside and out as described in Plan A.

PLAN C: $10 per month. Do monthly outside inspection only …. Plus after every major storm.

PLAN D: $45 per month. Weekly inspection plus blow off driveway and patio monthly.


SPRINKLER SYSTEMS: For an additional $10, we will check to be sure your sprinkler system is running on schedule. This fee is requested because it requires being on site at a specific time. We will call you to discuss options for repair if needed.

ONE TIME PRIOR TO RETURN: $25 Notify us a week before you return and we will blow off or sweep your driveway/patio and sweep away cobwebs. (This is not a thorough cleaning for windows or dove pooh but will certainly make your return more welcoming.)

PAYMENT: Payment is due in advance before you leave for the season. Appropriate refunds will be given if you return earlier than expected. If your return is delayed, we will invoice you upon your return.

We will have a form for you to complete before your departure so we have all pertinent information. We are formally registered at the Guest Services office as well.

Please spread the word among your neighbors and help us "advertise". If you're interested or have questions, call the house at 7707 or Don's cell phone at 937-408-5221.

I'll be working on this blog as well this summer and have some fun ideas for adding a picture album. I love hearing comments from readers who say they appreciate the blog and enjoy the articles. I must run now and get ready for another Happy Hour. Till next time...........

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Owl Update

It is with a sad heart that I report the absence of our adorable burrowing owls that resided across the street from the Palm Creek main entrance. I used to see them without fail every morning on my way to work but I haven't spotted them for the last three weeks or so. Don saw a rabbit entering the hole today and I have observed rabbits near the entrance on several occasions. Thus, I sadly conclude that our owls are gone. I can only hope that they found a better nesting site and didn't come to any harm.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

PopKorn's Chocolate Party

PopKorn's Chocolate Party!! What a fun event!! We welcome Ron (nicknamed Pop Korn) to our neighborhood.

Ron kicked off his open house event with a chocolate fountain party and invited everyone to bring a favorite food to drench in the chocolate. I was amazed at the huge variety of goodies that people brought. There were foods I never would have thought of to indulge with chocolate. We had apples, pretzels, strawberries, pineapple, dried apricots, marshmallows, shortbread, rice krispies bars, pound cake, prunes, sugar donuts, graham crackers, oreo cookies, vanilla wafers, bananas, ice cream and probably a few others that I fail to mention. If you could stab it with a skewer and hold it under the flow of chocolate, we ate it. If that didn't work, you poured the chocolate over the food on your plate. Of course, we had to try a little of everything just for the experience. It was awesome!

Thank you, Ron, for a fun-filled afternoon....bountiful feast....indulgent....gala event!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Cancer Awareness Day

We must give Palm Creek credit for supporting such a worthwhile cause as Cancer Awareness. The park has dedicated time, effort, and dollars behind the project for several years.

Friday night was quite impressive with the lighting of 2000 luminaries lining the roadway from the front entrance all the way to the clubhouse. To add excitement to the event, a hot air balloon was inflated and we got to see first hand how they are raised for launching. I venture to guess that the operator may have drummed up some new business for giving rides as there were certainly a lot of spectators. I tried to get some pictures, but as you can see, they didn't turn out too well.

I did, however, get one good photo of the firey gas that gets blasted to fill the balloon. It's really quite amazing to see.

On Saturday, residents were proud to march around the park as part of the awareness celebration. Don't they look pretty in pink!

Monday, February 02, 2009

SuperBowl Sunday

What a beautiful day for a SuperBowl SuperParty! Our "tailgate" started in early afternoon with a street party as no one has a patio big enough for the whole crew. Thank you Ron and Nancy for all the festive arrangements and for Ron's bottomless pitcher of great margaritas. What a feast of delicious treats on this table!

One of our special attendees was Ed....91 year old father of Mike Kirsch. Ed is here visiting for a few weeks so we thought we'd take this picture to send home to his family and friends just to let them know that Ed is doing quite well in the Arizona sunshine.

Another newcomer to the group is Gerry Daniel. She's here with her dog Babe and kitty named Cally while her hubby is back home in frigid Canada (-32 degrees) still working. Gerry loves our Arizona sunshine so opted to retire and stay here for the winter. Who's the smart one in that family?? We took this photo for hubby Remi.

Speaking of the sunshine, we noticed an awesome reflection off an RV side mirror. Thought we'd try a few artistic shots to reflect on our party.

Our Arizona Cardinals may not have won the final score.....but they certainly gave all their fans a wonderful and exciting game. I think it was the most exciting SuperBowl game in many years. In was a fantastic day.