Monday, February 02, 2009

SuperBowl Sunday

What a beautiful day for a SuperBowl SuperParty! Our "tailgate" started in early afternoon with a street party as no one has a patio big enough for the whole crew. Thank you Ron and Nancy for all the festive arrangements and for Ron's bottomless pitcher of great margaritas. What a feast of delicious treats on this table!

One of our special attendees was Ed....91 year old father of Mike Kirsch. Ed is here visiting for a few weeks so we thought we'd take this picture to send home to his family and friends just to let them know that Ed is doing quite well in the Arizona sunshine.

Another newcomer to the group is Gerry Daniel. She's here with her dog Babe and kitty named Cally while her hubby is back home in frigid Canada (-32 degrees) still working. Gerry loves our Arizona sunshine so opted to retire and stay here for the winter. Who's the smart one in that family?? We took this photo for hubby Remi.

Speaking of the sunshine, we noticed an awesome reflection off an RV side mirror. Thought we'd try a few artistic shots to reflect on our party.

Our Arizona Cardinals may not have won the final score.....but they certainly gave all their fans a wonderful and exciting game. I think it was the most exciting SuperBowl game in many years. In was a fantastic day.

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  1. Magee6:07 AM

    Thanks for the update:

    Sandra and I are really missing Palm Creek and looks like we missed a GREAT!!!!! party. Sandra has recovered from the drug reaction (thanks again to Gary) and is going to have eye surgery on Weds. No flying for two weeks but have bought return tickets for Feb.22
    So we will see you soon

    Lawrence 1710


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