Sunday, February 22, 2009

PopKorn's Chocolate Party

PopKorn's Chocolate Party!! What a fun event!! We welcome Ron (nicknamed Pop Korn) to our neighborhood.

Ron kicked off his open house event with a chocolate fountain party and invited everyone to bring a favorite food to drench in the chocolate. I was amazed at the huge variety of goodies that people brought. There were foods I never would have thought of to indulge with chocolate. We had apples, pretzels, strawberries, pineapple, dried apricots, marshmallows, shortbread, rice krispies bars, pound cake, prunes, sugar donuts, graham crackers, oreo cookies, vanilla wafers, bananas, ice cream and probably a few others that I fail to mention. If you could stab it with a skewer and hold it under the flow of chocolate, we ate it. If that didn't work, you poured the chocolate over the food on your plate. Of course, we had to try a little of everything just for the experience. It was awesome!

Thank you, Ron, for a fun-filled afternoon....bountiful feast....indulgent....gala event!

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