Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Ukelele Performance

Thank you to the Ukulele players for inviting residents to come hear their repertoire of  Christmas songs. It was an excellent example of all the FUN things to do at Palm Creek.  Whatever your interest, there's always something to keep you entertained and active.

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Chorus Christmas Concert

Congratulations to the Palm Creek Chorus for their delightful performance Thursday night!  All the hours of practice they do has definitely paid off.  The whole concert was outstanding, well organized and FUN.  The slide show on both sides of the stage add to the enjoyment of the event.  Special recognition to the piano players, conductors, and soloists!  Thank you all for sharing your talents.

We stayed after the concert to enjoy the hot chocolate and homemade cookies while we chatted with friends and neighbors.  It all made for a lovely evening.



The "boys" as I call them.....meaning Kat and Mouse....got a new Christmas present this week.  It came with some assembly required and Kat was quite impatient for Don to finish it.

Sadly, our living room is turning into their jungle gym.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Mahjong Christmas

To ALL Mahjong players......western, national, marvelous, etc. Place: Sonoran North and South Let's have a little Christmas party on Friday, December 14, Set up at 12:00. Eat and play all afternoon. Bring finger food or light sandwiches and your own beverage. Plates, silverware and napkins will be provided. Hope to see you there!


Thank you to Lynne Rogers for sending this beautiful photo:


Only the Monday night Bingo players will understand this photo!

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Red Solo Cup

Good Morning, Arizona!!

The weather is "perfect" for our big Solo Cup festival today.

The band "Hillbilly Deluxe" did an excellent job of keeping us entertained with their high energy country/rock music.

Couldn't have asked for better weather.
Over 650 tickets sold for lunch.

Thank you to the Robin Perry and the kitchen crew for the good meal.
Sloppy joes and Robin's special coleslaw. Yum!

Amazing Dental was really dressed for the occasion.

Saturday night in the Adobe Room.  Most of our houses aren't really big enough to comfortably play cards with a group of 6 or more but we can head up to the clubhouse to play.  Looks like quite a few groups had the same idea.   

Say hello to a couple newcomers at the front desk.
Victoria Unger (left) and Sandra Hopson (right).  Welcome aboard!
Jan Dickie at center is NOT new and has been a valuable employee for several years.


We have two identical cat trees both in front of a window but for some reason, Kat and Mouse like to wrestle to determine who gets this one.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Announcement Reminders

Palm Creek will be sending Care Packages to troops deployed overseas this holiday season. Become part of our gift-giving. When you do your grocery shopping, pick up a couple items from the list below. Drop them off in Activities in the ‘Troop Area’. At the end of the month, we will gather volunteers and package up the goodies to send to the troops. If you know of someone currently serving in military, bring their address.

  • ·        Cookies (homemade are best)
  • ·        Slim Jims
  • ·        Cans or small packages of nuts
  • ·        Bean dip or cheese dip for crackers
  • ·        Trail mix
  • ·        Granola bars
  • ·        Tins of tuna, sardines, etc.
  • ·        Inc oxide cream (tubes only)

A ‘giving tree’ will be set up in the Activities Office with paper ornaments listing the age and gender of each child needing a gift. We ask that you pick up an ornament starting November 19th. Take a tag, register it with Activities, purchase and return it to the Activities Office. Or, if you would rather make a cash donation, we will do the shopping for you. Gifts may be placed in a Christmas bag, but please do not wrap them, we will do it for you. The deadline to return them will be Wednesday, December 5th. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Volunteers are needed to wrap all the presents. If you would like to participate, please call Sherin Kidd at (303) 845- 0956 to be placed on the schedule. Wrapping times will be 10:00am - Noon and 1:00 - 3:00pm daily.

RED SOLO CUP PARTY Saturday, November 17, 11:00a.m.  in Palm Park

It’s Bingo! Doors open at 5:30pm, card sales at 6:00pm and Bingo starts at 7:00pm in the Ballroom. Your name badge is required. Bring your daubers, snacks, beverages and get ready for some excitement!

Thursday, Nov 23rd Happy Thanksgiving! Dinner will be served at 2:00 pm in the Ballroom. Enjoy a wonderful holiday meal with your friends and neighbors. This is a BYOB event. Ticket sale cutoff is Nov 15th.

Mahjong lessons for western and Marvelous versions are available on Friday afternoons at 12:30 in the Sonora rooms. Regular play is scheduled for Tuesday and Friday afternoons at 12:30 plus Thursday nights 6:30.

Monday, November 12, 2018


Once upon a time, a long time ago.....Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort was born.  I believe the year was 1998-1999. 

Floyd and Lola Freeman were some of the early residents.  Here is a picture of their site at #217.  

They could easily see the clubhouse from their site.

....with a clear view to the mountains.

Don and Flo Fillipi were among the first true homesteaders.  Here is their rig parked at site 907.

Flo says folks were greeted at the gate by someone sitting in their car as the guard shack wasn't built yet.  Thank you, Flo, for sharing memories.

We salute our veterans and current troops as well.

Saturday, November 10, 2018


Wow.  Barb Poole made another attempt at capturing the beautiful lighted palm trees.  She always enjoys a challenge.  Thank you, Barb.  This is a keeper.  I hope the people at Sun corporate get to see this.
Barb Poole


A friend asked me if my cats had outgrown their kitten antics yet.

The answer is NO.  Still no privacy in the bathroom!

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Palm Tree Lights

Would one of our local camera experts please send me a beautiful photo of the Palm Tree lights?  They are exceptionally lovely this year and I'd like to post a photo here.  I tried with my cell phone but it just doesn't do them justice.  ***Hey....camera club members....please share!!

Barb Poole

Barb Poole

Monday, November 05, 2018

New Houses

Don took the drone out this morning to look over the new houses in the north 40.

Here is the same field just a year ago.  Quite a difference!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Witches and morning coffee

We have a troop of gals that play Pegs and Jokers EVERY Thursday afternoon for the past 8 years or so.  We call ourselves the "Peg Witches" because we're very competitive players and tend to get "witchy" at times (in fun, of course!).  Nancy Flader hosted our annual Halloween Witches party last night.  We invited our subs as well so the true witches are in the hats. We call the subs "Sub Witches".

One of our loyal witches has moved away but she obviously still thinks of us as she sent us this photo last night.  She's the witch that "bit the dust" and left us.  Hugs to Lillie Corbitt.

Eric from Freedom RV was the host at the first official morning coffee of the season.  Freedom RV sponsors a number of events here including Casino Night this fall.  They will be bringing in new rigs on display January 4-6 so stop by for a tour.  We're looking forward to seeing the new "Jeep" that converts into a camper.

Speaking on the subject of the weekly coffee sessions.  Marion Nelson emphasized the importance of getting tickets ahead of time for these weekly meetings.  The headcount is critical for ordering the correct number of donuts and amount of coffee to prepare.  The tickets are free but you must get them for each week......and if you have a ticket but don't attend, you may be preventing someone else from attending as attendance is limited.  We meet on the Bistro patio but if weather turns too cold or rainy, we will meet in the ballroom.  It's a nice time to socialize with friends and learn more about our sponsors, hear the announcements of upcoming events .........and who can resist a free donut!!

The humane society will be bringing some adorable animals seeking a warm loving home.  Stop by to visit them at the tennis pavilion on Tuesday, November 6. You might find a stray relative of Mouse or Kat.

Thursday, October 25, 2018


Interest in the game of Mahjong is growing.  We have over 60 members on our roster already.  Want to learn to play?  There is a very easy game called "Western" Mahjong to get you started.  Rita Mullins will be giving lessons for beginners on Fridays at 12:30 in Sonora South beginning November 1.

The majority of players use the National card and rules to play but there are several other offshoot games as well.  My favorite is "Marvelous Mahjong".  It follows the same rules as National but has a card of hands that is much different and is fun and challenging.  I will offer lessons on Fridays at 12:30.

This summer we were introduced to 4-player Siamese which uses two full sets of tiles and has its own card of hands as well.  Fun for everyone at all levels.

Tuesdays 12:30 (Sonora South)
Thursday nights 6:30 (Sonora North)
Fridays 12:30 (Sonora North & South)

I warn you though........the game is addictive and challenging.  You're bound to make new friends and have a FUN time.  Come alone or bring a friend.  Join us.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Drone Video

Don sent the drone up to take a look around this morning.  The new pool and hot tub have been poured.  The back 9 is turning green.  New houses still coming in on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, the landscape crew is planting flowers!  

GOOD NEWS for all of us!  A new left turn arrow light has been installed at the corner of Florence and Henness.  We won't have to dodge oncoming traffic to turn left onto Henness.  Thank you to the DOT for listening to our requests.