Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lots of Action around the Park

We have a new resident in the neighborhood!  Looks like this little burrowing owl has claimed a spot over in the new section near the fire hydrant.  Welcome aboard little guy!

The whole park is just bustling with activity this morning.  Lots of bikes and carts by the sports complex for both softball practice and pickleball play.
Even watching practice is fun.
Nice hit!!

Up by the front office there is a crew opening the crates and assembling all the new chairs and tables for the bistro.  
They'll definitely be contributing to our recycling program.
Myron and Ricki Persing have been extremely busy from sun up to sun down.  They're in charge of organizing all the greeters.  I remember when we first drove into Palm Creek and how impressed we were to be approached by a friendly smile and personal greeting.  We send a big THANK YOU to Ricki and Myron for all the work they do.
Here's Tom Langwell again still busy getting the bistro ready for opening day.
Happy Halloween from our Activities Director, Dora Bautista.  Cute kitten!
Pardon the dust as work continues on the bistro patio.  
This is going to be beautiful when completed.
Here's Ernesto putting pretty tiles around the fire pits.  The tiles will match those around the fireplace.
All the flowers are neatly planted by the front office area.
The reception area is busy all day long.

Lots of guests in the Activities office too.

If you can't find anything to do here, it is definitely your own fault.  Look at all the clipboards posted here.  Each one has a different activity or class for your participation.

One of these clipboards is labeled "Computer Class".  That's mine where you can see what classes we're offering and when.  Classes are always geared toward the beginner level so don't hesitate to attend.  Registration is via email to me at

I end today's posting with a touch of Halloween.

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Another Crunch Day

The back 9 was open for golf today.  Such beautiful green grass!  That's Clark and Marnie Hoskins over there on the green.  I bet they're enjoying our Arizona weather instead of their Alberta winter!

We had to find something else for Gym Flader to do to keep him out of trouble so they sent him out to the golf course to paint the marker posts.  Great job, Gym!!
Over at the softball field, we saw a gang just finishing up a practice session.  I can't wait to sit on the bleachers and cheer the teams again......and munch on those delicious hamburgers.  The teams will be posting their schedule on the softball blog soon so be sure to check it out and cheer for our Palm Creek teams.  My favorite games are when one PC team plays against another PC team.  You never know who to cheer for because they're all friends.  Fun!!
Speaking of hamburgers........we saw activity over at the snack shack so stopped by to see what was going on.
Say hello to Bob Fahrenbroch and John Pilkington.
Bob and John are installing some shelving and making some custom changes before they start up the grills outside.
Maurice Parobec is back in the park after his exciting trip to the World Transplant Games in South Africa.  He will have many adventure stories to tell.
WOW!!  Check out this beauty of a rig!  Congrats to Dennis Merasty.
The newly planted grass in Palm Park is receiving its first haircut.
Work continues on the new stage.
The bistro crew is slaving away under their deadline for completion.
We got our first good look inside the new pro shop this morning.  WOW!!
The place looks great....and check out that handsome Ed Brown already to wait on you.
These sun visors are awesome.  I love the one with the desert scene on it.
So many nice looking golf clothes.
Plenty of toys and accessories too.
Come purchase your pickleballs here too.
Dashing black and white apparel.  
Can't decide which color golf ball you want?
How about one of these??  I wonder if they'll sparkle under water.

Thank you to Ed Brown and Peter Crowe for the nice tour.

As we were leaving, we met up with Dale and Lu Johnson who recently returned from Iowa.  Be sure to stop by their booth at the craft fairs!!  Lu says she has lots of new pieces for sale this year.

This is my pueblo house purchased from Lu.  She hand crafts each little individual pottery piece and then meticulously hand paints them.  I have to limit myself to only one new purchase at each craft fair or I'd need to buy a bigger table for display.

Okay.....that's enough for one day.  Whew!!  No cartoons today as the last two entries took a long time.  Sorry.

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