Thursday, October 03, 2013

Beautiful Weather

These mornings are just awesome in the 60s, no humidity, lots of sunshine.  We sleep in a little longer because the sun doesn't come up till close to 6:00.  Life is GOOD!!  We survived another summer in the Arizona desert.

The back nine is reseeded and turning green.  The sprinklers are getting a good work out.


This wall by the revised tee box looks really nice.  Good work, Ernesto!
Look at all the activity on Granite Drive.  Utility trucks everywhere.  Lots of hustle and bustle.
Mesa Awning is still busy along with the Bount construction team.
APS is here in force today installing new street lights.
This guy is pulling cable through the piping for Dish service.

New furniture has arrived for the picnic area by the ballfield.  
The pickle people are busy at play on such a lovely morning.  
It's always fun to watch the number of bikes and golf carts increase as the players return.
Palm Park has been seeded.

Unfortunately, the stage project seems to be held up STILL WAITING for city engineer approval.  Red tape and paperwork galore!
The fitness center should be opening soon.  Still some painting and touch up work being done in there.  I'm assuming we'll all take lessons to run all the high tech electronics.
It won't be long before we're all gathered out here on the patio for some of those delicious patio luncheons.  

Bistro is still under construction.  Lots to do here yet.

Each one of those posts has a plethora of cabling and complicated looking stuff.
And at the end of today's tour we spotted our friendly acorn woodpeckers still flitting among the palm trees by the main pool.  They're always a delight to watch.


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