Wednesday, October 16, 2013

More to come

The new grass on the back nine is beautiful.....and so is the nice curved wall that Ernesto built there.

Now Ernesto is busy building a fireplace in the corner of the Bistro area.
Kay Oliver is a member of the Bodacious Beaders where they make beautiful handmade jewelry items.  Their next meeting is tomorrow (Thursday) from 1:00-3:00 in the north Sonoran room.  Come on down and see their projects.
The paver work over at the food cart is almost done.  Looks very nice!!  We met up with Bob and Sharon Fahrenbruch plus John and Sharon Pilkington.  
Bob and Jim Dawson were figuring out where to run a water line.
In about 10 days we'll be out there enjoying our delicious hamburgers.
Grass on the ballfield is doing well.
The new fitness center is open for business.  Check out the new 70" TV set.  That should keep everyone entertained during their aerobic work out.  
Helen Vosburg is very happy and impressed with all the new machines.
Each of the treadmills has its own fan right on the dashboard.  It can be adjusted from low to high to keep you cool.
Expansion of the pottery room is still under development.

Outdoors we spotted Diane Gaines and Linda Balzan in a friendly strategy session so we stopped over to say hello.  This duo works so well together that we refer to them as Martha (Stewart) and Betty (Crocker).  They certainly make a great team!  Diane has been very busy working on the Palm Creek website and their new blog.  Follow this link to check it out:
New Palm Creek blog

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