Saturday, October 26, 2013

Construction Continues

Yes.....I know....more dirt, right?  But this one is for a new house across the street from the north pool.  Looks like a prime spot for someone to have a new home.

Truckload after truckload after truckload of gravel arrived yesterday.  Now comes the job of spreading that heavy stuff along the berm on the new Granite Drive.  That's a lot heavier than snow!
Say Hi to Neil as he makes his daily rounds.
Hurray!  We're finally able to continue construction of our new stage in Palm Park.  The city engineer must finally be satisfied with his inspection.
Here is the last of the new palms going into the bistro area.  
Hi to Painter Bob as he is affectionately known.
Denise Gaither is the perfect babysitter for her cat.  She patiently reads her book out in the street where she can keep a close eye on her little lizard hunter.
Kitty likes to sit by the bushes and watch the little tree lizards scurry about.  I image she is pretending to be in a wild jungle full of small dinosaurs.
Back at the bistro again to watch the flurry of activity as crews scramble to get this massive project finished.  All crews have worked VERY hard all summer long in the scorching heat and sun on this assignment.  The first person that complains or comments that it should be done by now had better hope I'm not within hearing distance.  Those of us who live here year round are definitely witness to how hard they've worked. 
Preparing the columns for stucco.
Awesome fireplace.
Ernesto is putting the final cap on the bistro wall. 
Pouring concrete around the fire pits.
Here is another huge investment from Sun Communities that our residents should be aware of!!  The entire sound and lighting system in our ballroom has been redone.  A technician was here this week to teach us how to operate the system.  Good luck with that!  Wow.  It was way too techie for me as a lowly bingo caller.  Just tell me which button to push to turn it on.   

Here's the announcement our golfers are waiting to see.

Available indoor seating at the bistro when it opens.

We end today's entry by celebrating the first happy hour I've seen on the new Granite Drive.  It was fun...and what a lovely view of our golf course!  Thank you to Jerry and Becky Andrews.


 Ya'll have a good day now!!

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