Saturday, October 05, 2013

The Poker Gang

There are a lot of Palm Creek residents that love to play poker.  We hold Texas Hold'em Tournaments on just about every day of the week.  If it's not a Hold'em show down, then they play Omaha.  The group is growing in size and during the peak of winter season, there will be upwards of 80+ players packed into the Adobe Room on card nights.  

We're so happy this year because Sun Communities has purchased new poker tables and ALL new chairs!!  Thank you! Thank you!

Since the games are cranking into gear, a few dedicated folks volunteered to wash all those poker chips to get them clean and shiny once again.

First we washed them. 

Then they were thoroughly rinsed.

Then we dried them to make sure there were no water spots.

Then the cases were meticulously cleaned.

And finally they all had to be sorted and put back in place. 

These ambitious "volunteers" were:  Larry and Avis Gray, Diane Reese, and the charming couple of Heplers....Don and ME.

Now we can all sit back and enjoy new cards, clean chips, new chairs, and tables......but best of all, true friendship and fun times.  

We send a heartfelt hello to our friend Julie Calef.  Hurry back, Julie!

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