Monday, October 28, 2013

A Sunday during Crunch Time

It is a Sunday, correct?  But when it comes this close to crunch time, the crews are working hard and heavy to get things done by the time we turn the calendar page.

Over at the bistro, they must haul in all the special dirt, sand, and gravel and prep the surface for all the paving stones.  They haul in all the material with wheelbarrows, then spread it with shovels, rake it, then tamp it all down with these noisy rough compacting machines. 
There is a measured string line laid out with a long metal bar under it so they can use this long board to make the surface perfectly level.
Meanwhile, another crew member hauls in all these bricks by wheelbarrow.
Finally they can start laying the paving stones and it turns out beautifully.  I'm guessing that a lot of their success is in the preparation of the soil underneath.  
Fernando and Jim were hard at work also.
They broke up a little more concrete so they can plant some bushes or flowers along the wall.

This sign appears on the front side of the bistro.
Faustino gets the heavy job with the smaller vibrating compactor.

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