Wednesday, October 09, 2013


The landscaping crew is had at work on the golf course.  The back 9 is turning brilliant green and now the front 9 is getting its make over.  Many many man hours of labor go into assuring you have a fun time on the links this season.
The paved ramp to palm park is now finished.  Still waiting for city approval to continue work on the stage.  
The bistro is coming along fine and is still on track to open on November 1.  Tom and Julie Langwell are ready to start serving you as soon as it opens.
Remember the hanging basket I posted the other day in front of Ed and MaryAnn Brown's site?  Well congratulations to them as they now have a new chick in the family.

We spied mama dove nurturing her offspring this morning.  

Our weather has been absolutely fantastic.  October is about my favorite month of the whole year.  We cool to the 60s at night and heat to the 80s by day.  Awesome!  You folks up north in the cold should hurry back here before you get snowed in.  See ya soon!

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