Monday, October 21, 2013

Flowers Arrive!

Yes!  The flowers are starting to arrive!  That means our hard working landscape crew can switch from mowing and seeding the golf course to tilling and planting.
This is only the first truck load.  Second load arrives at noon today.  The taller plants will arrive in a week or two giving the crews time to get these planted first.

Work continues on the stage at Palm Park.
We spied our mail room workers at the mailbox.  Say hi to MaryAnn Brown and Donna Cox as they gather the outgoing mail from the boxes.  You can ignore Sam as he is just a chauffeur today.
Installation of the Christmas lights continues.
I don't know how they'll fix the damage these guys are doing when all the bark gets shaved off from their climbing.....but it will look nice after dark when the lights are on.  LOL
The pressure is on over at the Bistro.  It seems there's always something new to dig for.
Tom and Julie Langwell are getting the new cabinets and counters ready for installation.
We had a magnificent moon last night.  A camera can't really capture it but you get the general idea.  It was awesome!

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