Monday, October 07, 2013

New furniture everywhere

The back 9 of the golf course is coming along nicely.  Such a pretty velvety green color!

Granite Drive is still a busy place with the APS team installing the last of the street lights.
We told Mike and Mark that they can prove to their family that they're really working hard on the job.
More paver work over on Palm Park.  The grass has been planted and should start turning green any day now.
The bistro and pro shop are a flurry of activity.  it looks like we're at final painting and clean up stage.
Clothing is already on display in the center room.  Pretty colored clothing waiting for you to purchase!
The bistro is still under construction....hoping to be fully operational by November 1.
Getting ready to pour concrete footings for the fireplace over in the corner.
Painting the trim.
Back on the pool patio, we found Lillie Corbitt getting all the new furniture organized.  ALL new outdoor furniture has been purchased this year.  Thank you, Sun Communities!!
I'm certain Lillie's husband, Hank, eagerly "volunteered" to help with the chairs??  Just like Roger and Ed "volunteer" to help with all the events that their spouses are involved with.
The older furniture will be distributed around the park in other locations.
We spotted Linda Balzan and MaryAnn Brown returning from gathering our mail at the post office.
Meanwhile, over at the golf course, they're busy cleaning up all the trimming debris.
That will be some excellent dry grass mulch to add to our recycling compost pile.
And while all the above people are busy at work, we can always find a few folks who are busy at play.
Wave Hi to Donna cox with her new pool toy!  

Rosemary and Judy posed as local bathing beauties.  Always a fun time at the pool. 

Have a GREAT day!

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