Saturday, October 18, 2008

Flower Time!

The park planted flowers this week… the truck load!! That’s a sure sign that cooler temps are here or just around the corner and it’s time to spruce up the place for our winter visitors. It’s so much fun to greet returning friendly faces and hear about exciting summer events during happy hour.

I went to Target today and bought some fresh flowers to freshen up our own landscaping around the house. It’s still weird for me to plant flowers in the fall…it seems like the exact opposite we would do back East. Autumn in southern Arizona is like a fresh awakening after being shut in during the hot summer months.

In and Out Burger opened this week so I smiled in awe as I saw the long lines at their drive through window today. I’ve heard so much talk about the place so will be anxious to try it one of these days. As I hear from avid fans of the place….there is a very limited menu but the food is fresh and delicious.

There will be plenty of restaurants for folks to try this season. Ah-So Steak and Sushi, Olive Garden, Mimis, In & Out Burger, and Eva’s Mexican Restaurant. Be sure to check out Eva’s. I hear the d├ęcor is lovely and the food is pretty good too.
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Thursday, October 02, 2008


October has arrived and the triple digits are pretty much out of the forecast. Hallelujah!! I still won’t trade an Arizona summer for a Wisconsin winter…but it’s still a relief to see the heat leave us for the season. Whew!

The resort is getting all spruced up for the snowbird season….landscaping is pruned… lines on the streets are freshly painted…the “Welcome Home” sign at the entrance went up this week…the tennis and pickleball courts boast a proud coat of new paint…and the RVs are starting to roll in. I see familiar faces reappearing every day.

The few returning friends I’ve talked with so far are amazed and pleased with the new stores and restaurants in town. You’ll all enjoy the new sights.

See ya soon!!!