Thursday, February 28, 2013

Our Talented Residents

The weatherman cooperated beautifully to provide a GREAT day for the Palm Creek artists, crafters, photographers, and woodworkers shows.  We have some amazingly talented and gifted residents who finally got this opportunity to show off their works.

First....the photographers.  I couldn't get all the names and correct spellings so I just took more photos.  There was always a crowd in front of each booth so I couldn't get shots of all the displays.  Forgive me for the ones I missed.

I keep saying that I want to get better acquainted with Photoshop Elements so I can do creative things with photos like these cards.  Such lovely work from photographs.

Then across the street in the ballroom were the artists and craftsmen showing some of their masterpieces.

I must give Lu some special credit since I purchased one of her Pueblo houses a couple years ago.  I have to  keep control of my pocketbook when I pass her booth at the craft fairs and limit myself to just one item each month.  She keeps coming up with new creations all the time!  Her work is beautiful and so intricate.  Each piece is from her pottery and then hand painted.  No two pieces are alike.

It's hard to believe you can turn a chunk of rock into such a beautiful piece of jewelry.

I wish I had taken a close up of the two Pegs & Jokers boards at this display.  They were awesome!!!  Both were sold as I walked past.

Just as we were treated to live music at the quilt show, we enjoyed more today as we toured the booths.  Thank you for sharing your talent.

Outdoors by the pool area, we were amazed at the creative talents displayed by the wood shop residents. 

John Ross wasn't at the table while I was there.  It looks like he has another hobby to consume his time when he isn't flying his hot air balloon.

Had to get a close up of Arden's wood chip hat.

It was also amazing to talk with the folks and hear that many of them had never started their hobby until they came to Palm Creek.  We're fortunate to stay in such a lovely resort where the work space and resources are available.

Thank you to everyone who participated today!  You are awesome!!

Dog Show

Can't help but smile when you watch people with their beloved pets.  Proud owners and happy pups.  The annual Bow Wow dog show was held Tuesday afternoon.  There were contests for best costume, best trick, and best in show.  They were all winners as far as I was concerned.  It is just FUN to watch people with their dogs.  Thank you to all participants who entertained us that afternoon.

This picture stole my heart.

Karen Rust and her team of assistants set up some of the agility training equipment so students could show off their training skills.  It's hard to tell who has the most it the dog or the proud trainer?  Karen still holds training classes out at the big dog run on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Watch this short video posted on You Tube.
Agility Display

and here is Willie Ferguson and her poodle:

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cowboys, Quilters, and Tennis Buffs

 Putting on a stage matter at what level, is a tremendous amount of work.  We salute the cast and crew of this year's Community Playhouse for their time and talents.  They presented TWO  shows this year:  Shiny Bead and Sagebrush Sidekicks.  
(*Note:   I had my camera on the wrong setting so didn't get any photos of the Shiny Beads performance.  I hate it when that happens!  #@%$!)
The tennis tournament continues with the finals today (Sunday).  Good luck to all the players who will compete on such a WINDY day.  

Once again the sewers and quilters outdid themselves at the annual Quilt Show!  Such beautiful works of art!!  
I'm guessing that the raffle and silent auction were highly successful by the looks of the crowd.
The Quilts of Valor bring tears to the eyes.
All these treasures are donated to the Abused Women's Shelter or other organizations in need.  Our craftsmen truly give of their love, talent, and time to benefit others.
It takes so much work to put on a show of this magnitude.  Gathering all the materials for display takes dedication.  All the little finishing touches make the show even more spectacular.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the set up and take down.
We even were treated to live music!
Nellie will laugh when she sees this crazy photo but I want to give credit to the entire kitchen staff who served up those delicious taco salads! 
 I love those patio lunches....great food, lovely surroundings, and lots of friends.

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