Monday, February 04, 2013

And the big winner is:

CONGRATULATIONS to Al Torkelson (from Minnesota) for his big win at Palm Creek bingo Monday night!  Al won a whopping $914.  I (and probably many others) are green with envy....but we wish him well. Enjoy your bonus, Al.


Don Nunley and Jim Hoppe teamed up and took first place in the Cancer Awareness Horseshoe Tournament this past weekend.  CONGRATULATIONS:
It's not as easy as it looks!!

It looks like Peggy had her iPad movie feature in action to capture some of the Cancer Awareness events.  Check it out on YouTube at:  Cancer Awareness Event

We had some very special guests at this weekend's events.  John McLaren is the COO of Sun Communities.  He and his wife, Karen, came to say hello.
There is a short video on the Palm Creek Facebook page:
John McLaren from Sun Communities

John said "Palm Creek is the most beautiful resort he has ever been to in his career".  That's quite a compliment!

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