Saturday, February 02, 2013

More Balloons!

Friday night was our parade to kick off the annual Cancer Awareness event.  The streets were lined with hundreds and hundreds of lighted luminaries, a band lead the parade around the park, and afterward, cookies and hot chocolate were served to all the attendees.  Residents and guests milled about at Palm Park to watch SEVEN tethered hot air balloons rise up and light the sky.  It is a thrill to watch just one of these monsters but we got to see seven altogether.

 Wow.  This one looks like it would really be exciting.  I think I prefer a bigger basket to soften the landing.

At the blast of an air horn, they all tried to light up at once.  My little camera couldn't quite handle it.
When going up in one of these balloons.............remember to be polite to the pilot!

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