Thursday, February 14, 2013

Another FUN day!

HATS OFF ON TO THE QUILTERS AND SEWERS GUILD OF PALM CREEK!  I was invited in for a few quick photos at today's high tea.  What fun!  The women all made these special hats from one of their many classes.  The tables were all decorated with colorful decorations and dinnerware.  But nothing was decorated as much as the ladies themselves.  
I tried to get a few quick pictures of the "show and tell" where members can present a recently completed project.  Their handiwork is truly outstanding!!

Then there was the FOOD!  Beautiful presentation of food art.
I took a quick peek into the sewing room and saw some fantastic projects on display.
The annual quilt show is next Saturday on February 23.  Be sure to attend as the show will be filled with masterpieces!  There are over 240 members of the guild and they are a VERY active group!
Since I was in the neighborhood, I peeked into the painting group held next door.
They were busy bees practicing their painting talents.
Out in the parking lot, I spied this rig.  It says "Royal Victoria Yacht Club Racing Team".  I don't know any details but it was certainly something I had never seen here before.  I'm going to guess that they were just passing through.

Meanwhile......up at the north gate, Linn Mayo called out that the owl was back in his resting spot near the water channel.  He posed for a quick photo but didn't look very pretty.  That's quite a claw for such a little bird!

What was the ditch for along the main road?  I was told that Dish was bringing in a new cable.  I don't have any details.

I had to tease the folks in the SanTan room as they were trying to get the bulb changed in the projector before their meeting started.  How many computer people does it take to change a light bulb?    Of course, Edie and Ann saved the day again.

I attended my very first poker event Tuesday night.  I'm a real rookie at the game and am taking lessons to learn how to play Texas Hold'em.  I told everyone I was there as fresh meat and came to donate my $10. This was ladies night and a great fun group to start me off.

Meet our dealers for the evening.  Thank you!!

Texas Hold'em tournaments are held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights.  Saturday afternoon and Sunday night are Omaha tournaments.  This card playing group is growing in size as up to 90+ players enter the tournaments each week.  
They are soon going to need a bigger room as poker fever is spreading.

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