Wednesday, September 28, 2016

One more dust storm

Whoops..........thought we were done with dust storms by now.  Guess not. First four photos are from Avis Gray as she can take photos over highway 10.  You can see the rain cloud that did "not" hit our area sad to say.  We just had some light sprinkles.

Good old Arizona dirt!  Fascinating!  Sure am glad not to be out on the highway during one of these storms.

It doesn't last long though.  This morning was absolutely GORGEOUS!  

A shed has been moved over to the lawn bowling area to be used as storage.

Work continues over by the new streets and houses.  Wave hi to Mary Williams as she's out for a morning walk through the neighborhood.

It's not gophers.  Each house is getting new landscaping today.

WOW!  The ballfield has turned green overnight!!  The doves have to eat fast or the seed turns into young plants in a hurry.

Have to stop now and then for quail crossings.  Love those cute birds!

That's all for today.  Have to scurry off to play Mahjong with the gang.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New Champion Homes

Welcome to a peek into the new Champion homes!  We've been sooooo curious.  What makes them different from the Cavco homes?  The first one arrived on Site 2017 and is called the Finestra.  Two bedroom, two bath, 1206 sq ft. starting at $129,900.

We've been bugging Nancy Paupst for a early bird tour.  She's hesitant to let us in because she wants it to be complete and fully ready for touring before we take photos but we begged and she relented.  She's so nice.  Thank you, Nancy.

The first and most impressive feature is the 9 foot flat ceilings!  It makes the area very open and spacious.

This model has a huge island in the kitchen with seating for barstools on one a large sink.

Nice cabinets.

You may need a step stool to get to those top cabinets.

This open dining area will be great for entertaining.

Drawers are self-closing.  

Lots of extra storage area above the bedroom closets.

Nice woodwork and trim throughout the house.

Bathroom sinks have a new look.

This particular corner lot will be nice and spacious when completed.  

Even in it's unfinished state, the home is quite impressive.  In fact, someone has already ordered one of these and is having it customized.  

The second Champion model that arrived is on the golf course at 1942.  It's 1280 sq ft.

I've not seen a special feature like this before.  This faucet is called a pot filler.  Viva Italian!  You can fill a large pot right at the stove.

All these photos are just fast snapshots to give you a rough idea about the new homes so don't scoff at my less than professional quality.   The homes will be lovely when completed.  In fact, 1942 has already sold!  There are only four more lots left on the golf course.  

If you want to learn more, stop up at the Sales Office.  They have some really nice brochures available with floor plans.