Thursday, September 08, 2016

Pool talk with Eddie + another BD party

We saw Eddie working at his daily chore of cleaning the north pool.  I hope all you pool people appreciate the hard work our maintenance staff goes through to keep our pools so nice.  On a daily routine, Eddie checks the chemical balance of the pool and makes any necessary adjustments.  He says the job is a lot easier now that we're back to chlorine instead of strictly salt.  He cleans out all the skimmer baskets along the sides and nets the pool by skimming the surface to remove any floating debris.  Vacuuming the pool and cleaning the equipment takes the longest.  Then he hoses down the deck and cleans the area.  The hot tub gets drained and refilled every week or two.  The three pools and three hot tubs on the property require a lot of maintenance time.

Someone wrote and asked me what the harvestmen spiders look like so here ya go.  They can be found on every house in Arizona this time of year.  They don't bite and eat many many flying insects so they're really quite beneficial...........but I still don't like to see them on my house.

Found a little mud dauber nest this morning.  These bees are helpful in removing all the spiders as they're the main food source.

Here's some info from the web:  Adults of both sexes frequently drink flower nectar, but they stock their nests with spiders, which serve as food for their offspring. Like connoisseurs, they prefer particular kinds of spiders, and particular sizes of spiders for their larders. Instead of stocking a nest cell with one or two large spiders, mud daubers cram as many as two dozen small spiders into a nest cell. They appear to know exactly what they are hunting for, and where to find it.

All this wildlife in such a pretty place.

Our mahjong players helped Betty celebrate her upcoming birthday.
Betty was kind enough to bake some yummy brownies to share with us.

 Thank you, Betty..........and Happy Birthday!

The girls tease me and say I look so serious when I'm contemplating which hand to play.  They insisted I share this photo with you.

We had some light rain yesterday.  Mostly drizzle but always welcomed.  American Furniture was delivering truckloads of furniture for the new rental houses.

Going to the movies on a rainy afternoon.

Beautiful sunset sky on the way home.

Suzette Taylor was out with her camera too.

Photo by Suzette Taylor